Friday, July 31, 2009

Gisela's Addiction to Shopping Continues..

Yesterday I decided to take baby out for a stroll, we ended up on 5th avenue and I came home with a few So much for an innocent stroll. I took some quick pics with my blackberry, the image quality sucks major ass but I really wanted to share this with ya'll!

First let me show you what I wore: Zara studded vest, AA tee, Bebe Sport harem pants and JC Ann Tie boots.
Gis vest1
Gis vest2

First I stopped at Zara's and saw the new merch they had.. among them was this faux fur vest.
Then I headed down to Union Square to the Filene's there.. I browsed through racks of discounted designer clothing and found this gem! Emporio Armani Spring 2006 silk chiffon, tiered palazzo pants! I will  I already know how I want to style them.. I'm thinking a long printed tunic that will compliment the polka dots..very St. Tropez..
This is the pic I took in the dressing can see baby is dying to!
Next we stopped at our favorite place, F21..and picked up these wicked fringed leggings.

You have to how they move! They look sooo cool when you walk! I felt like a punk cowgirl!
I walked from Union Square to Soho to meet up with hubby and right next door to him JUNO shoes had a massive warehouse sale. I saw these in the window and had to have them! Unfortunately they only had size 7! I was soo mad! I told Maury to come pick them up fast..they are her size.
Bad pic I know, but you can see a little bit how incredible that blue color is, they remind me of a mix of docs and miu mius I once saw.

Oh, and I made a stop at Intermix too.. I got a Marley ruched black mini on sale, Ifigure you can never have too many black skirts.

And finally, I'm bored with my hair, Maury's bored with hers too, and we are thinking of a change. I was this close to shaving the back bottom part of my hair but then I saw this at Rack and Ruin I was so happy to have an option with similar results!
What do you guys think? should i shave the back of my head? just the very bottom? or am I making a huge mistake?

Images: rack and ruin, and


  1. I am drooling over that super cool vest! Can't get enough of those killer shoes, either! Love 'em!

  2. Wow, I am so jealous of your ability to get a shit ton of amazing stuff for cheap! You may have a shopping addiction, but at least you don't get ripped off!
    BTW, there's a giveaway going on on my blog! All you have to do is share your favorite online source for photo inspiration and you'll be entered to win! Checkity check it out.

  3. Definitely try wearing your hair like this for a while before making the plunge and pulling out the clippers!! It's a pretty drastic cut, and could look amazing, but you should see how you like the tame version for a while first! Thanks for the shout out!

  4. I think you did pretty good job here!In my opinion they're all investment pieces.
    Don't feel bad about it ;)

  5. Don't do it!!! I don't think girls are meant to be partially or wholly bald lol. I love that vest you're wearing though.

  6. Gisela is addicted to shopping ???;)... I didn´t know ;)
    Happy weekend to you!!!
    Gisela, I´m truly drooling over this FAB ZARA STUDDED VEST!!! WHAT A SHOWSTOPPING PIECE!!! MON DIEU!!!
    Amazing with the black pants and the black "Ann D."s!!!
    It´s a pity I was yesterday in the city but did not check Zara!Wish I would have seen your new post earlier!!!

  7. i wouldn't do the shaved head thing. i've considered it also, i have a short pixie cut, thought it might be edgy and i've reconsidered & won't be making the plunge.
    as for that vest, first couple of pics--love!! you've found the most amazing items on your shopping trip! and looks like the baby cooperated- well, relatively!

  8. hot mama :) I love the Zara vest. I need to make a stop by there today.

  9. I really like the way your studded vest subtly instil a twist of "Party Girl-esque" GLAM on your trendy/casual silhouette . . . AND tends to adorn your Natural Sensuality on such Dazzling attires !!!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. i liked your pix on how you would have styled the currient elliot jeans! :)

  11. Umm...yeah.
    So those Ann D. boots will haunt me forever.

  12. Such a gorgeous outfit, I could definately wear it too :D
    And thanks for your sweet comment! I'm a zara addict as well hahah!

  13. The times when I just happen to stop by shops and aren't really supposed to buy anything - that's when I always find the most!
    You look fabolous - will never get tired of those boots!

  14. zara is coming up with beautiful statement pieces lately. and that palazzo pants is unique and perfect for summer. better wear them soon before the cold creeps in.
    fabulous buys as always!

  15. girl i get bored with my hair(not that i have much) all the time, i say hair grows so go ahead and shave girl. If you dont like result you can grow it out.
    not too long ago i shaved sides of mine but it has grown out now.

  16. ...well the good thing about you having a shopping addiction is that I'm able to live through you (lol) b/c I'm not able to shop as often
    i love that zara vest...and those tiered pants are super cool, but being 4'11 I could never pull them off lol

  17. love both vests! for your hair, i say give it three weeks. if you still want to shave it, then you should do it. but give it some time before you totally commit :)

  18. Hello Gisela,
    Hope you had a lovely weekend! That Zara studded vest is a great buy! I think i need to visit Zara very soon :)
    Regarding hair, i think it's always good to change hair style from time to time and summer is a perfect time to experiment!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  19. Gisela! You managed to always score the best pieces! How fun! I think the fringed leggings are so rad. Anything with fringe makes you want to twirl around, right?

  20. Simple stroll means potential shopping! Great finds! Did you end up getting the pants? It looks great on you! I can't wait to go to NY in October...hopefully I find lots of goodies! Take care!

  21. it happens sometimes to us gals uh... going out for an innocent walk and coming home with something unexpected. : )

  22. oh my!
    This vest is sooo cool! I love Zara too! They are so great! I also love the one you are wearing...fantastic!

  23. Hi there! All are great pieces! But if I had to choose just one, I'd go for the Zara fur vest coz I can imagine wearing them out this fall-winter!

  24. your signature piece is Jacob...LOVE IT!!!

  25. Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have natural ability for blogging!


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