Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rad Hourani is RAD!

Maury and I attended the Rad by Rad Hourani presentation at the “Yard” of the Soho Grand Hotel this evening. Finally, a chance to see Maury for the first time in a while! For those of
you not familiar with the designer, here’s a quick bio:  Rad Hourani is a fashion designer based in New
York. Canadian-born, Hourani worked as a model scout before becoming a fashion
stylist and video director, finally moving into fashion design. He showed his
first collection for Spring 2008 in Paris, and has since shown in New York. I
first learned of Rad during my years as a fashion stylist in Toronto. Everyone
knows Rad as having a penchant for the color black, just take a look at his
SP08 show..but today were impressed to see him sprinkle some color into his
bridge collection, and mind you, this kid is in his early 20’s! What a feat!



Here I am wearing my Philip Lim 3.1 dress from his "Go Green" line. Its a bit too big for me but I can make it work better with a cropped blazer next time. Necklace by Lee Angel.



Maury wears an American Apparel bodysuit, Herve Leger skirt and newly purchased Stella McCartney heels.

At the party we bumped into our fab stylist friend Fernando! Such a treat to see him.

was accompanied by a pair of cute fashionista gals...
and his friend Andrew who was
rockin’ that coveted Christopher Kane “gorilla” tee, argh! Sold out everywhere! and check out his cuffs!

the event we dined at Balthazar’s. Maury had the chicken..
and I had the duck confit, both were tasty dishes :-)
After dinner we, and after a few drinks, we decided to horse around a bit on the streets of Soho..

Maury took this pic of me while I rested my feet, after a couple of hours standing, thos Tribs will kill ya..
This one's a lil out of focus, but I just love the way Maury's standing..
So we're done with our shoot! time to get these damned shoes off and get into something more comfortable..
Check out the awesome spiked shell bracelet Maury brought me from Costa Rica!
Lastly, some pics of revelers...God I want those harem sequin pants! and I think those are Bess studded boots..sigh..

Guys in high heels? I can "dig it!" Prince would love Rad's aesthetic too.


I took pics of one of the male models with my cam, wanted to try without the flash.. Loved the outcome!



And last note I want to make, I'm so pissed that I didn't get a pic of Ms. Lanphear when she walked in! By the time i russled up my cam she had already passed me by! argh! She looked amazing as usual.

So what do you guys think of Rad's bridge collection thus far?


  1. Hi Maury and Gisela,
    It's so nice seeing you two together. Both of ya look so hot at the party and his designs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Hope you two have a beautiful day,

  2. I've been reading about the Rad show on the internet all day - that's so cool that you both were able to attend. You ladies look fabulous as usual - love the outfits!

  3. Hello Maury and Gisela,
    as Nini already said it´s so nice to see you two together!
    Woow.. so many many many awesome photos!!!
    I love especially the photos you took on the "SOHO STREETS"... the light is so awesome!!!
    Wishing you a fabulous week ahead with lots of joy, fun and happiness ;)

  4. Beautiful shots! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  5. I loooove everything - the fashion is amazing!
    La C.

  6. WOW that's so exciting that you got to go to that! your outfits are great/tributes are gorgeous..
    thanks for your lovely comment on my photoshoppage! :)

  7. Hi there fabulous ladies! You two look sexy in black and in white! Craving those sequined pants too!
    Thank you for dropping by Mango Girl!

  8. Love that collection.. my fav is the red jacket. Gosh, you both always look so incredible. Way jealous that Maury got those Stella shoes! They are amazing.
    xo, Becs

  9. Thank for your condolences!
    It looks like a great night, I love those Tribs!

  10. I really like the "contemporary Urban Goddes" vibrancy of your immaculate Philip Lim Dress, the way its side cleavage subtly unveils your Black bra, with a lot of Sexy nonchalance . . .
    ps: you truly exude Gracefulness in the 4th outdoor's picture !!!
    re-ps: I Frankly think that these "BODY con-esques" shapes Marvelously emphasize Maury's Sexy curves, AND on such a "BOMBnextDoor-esque" way !!! Stunning duo.
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  11. Fashion photos were great but I'm drawn to the food pics. Haha. I'm just hungry, sorry.

  12. So fun, darlings! You look fab, as does that Rad Collection... really loving those slashed pants!

  13. So jealous you got to see the collection in person. i am obsessed with it. When i was in new york a couple weeks ago my friend's parents took us to dinner at Balthazar's and i had the amazing chicken dish too. Such Freakin good food there! xx molly

  14. good to be back on your blog lot to catch up with the articles...
    can't believe how lucky you were to go to this rad h show! wow seems to be a one of a kind thingi!!! and your outfits are divine as always..
    you have the coolest stuf girl!!! love your jacket in the first post

  15. you both look great darlings! loving your outits and the images
    hope you had a blast

  16. Thanks 4 the comment. You do not want to live in ATL. It does not compare to NYC. I want to live in NY or Cali. You ladies look so awesome. You are really giving me what I need. The event looked awesome & i love the photography. I added you to my links!

  17. Hi Maury and Gisela,
    Thank you for this post!!! You can't imagine how relieved I feel with those pics of you changing the tribs for flat sandals, hahaha!!
    I know it's really stupid, but I always see in the fashion blogs I like girls going out for shopping, lunch and even holiday trips with incredible heels and I always think "how do they manage to walk on those for more than 1 hour?" "are they like super womans with fab shoes?"
    I even feel amazed that you can walk on cobblestone streets with the tribs or wood platforms (I have the Chloe lucite ones, those are impossible!).
    Oh well, I guess you can't look good all the time, LOL
    By the way, it's also really refreshing to see such style in curvy girls. Most blogs I check are full of skinny girls. And as much as I wish I would be that thin, it's nice to see latest trends adapted to women that look a bit more like me; and actually you always look smokin' hot. Keep the posts coming!!!

  18. Hi Maury & Gisela
    You guys looked fabulous. i swear keep it up i love what ur doing with your blog.

  19. Wow, what a fabulous looking party. You make NY look so cool, I really have to get around to going there one of these days!

  20. Thanks a lot for a bunch of good tips. I look forward to reading more on the topic in the future. Keep up the good work! This blog is going to be great resource. Love reading it.

  21. Excellent entry! I'm been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.


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