Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Isabel Marant Zara Knock Off Boots

Being as I cannot and perhaps will never, get a hold of those sp09 Isabel Marant boots, nor the FW09 studded ankle booties, I decided to purchase these well done Marant Zara knock offs this weekend. Couldn't go wrong with a price tag of $89 down from $229. I was debating whether to get the flat boots for $40 or the high-heeled ones and I spent almost an hour trying to decide in the freakin dressing room. In the end I said why can't I buy both? So I did. I figured the high ones I can rock when I'm hanging out sans baby, and the flat ones I can wear when I'm with baby.

I was inspired by both the SP08 and SP09 Isabel Marant collections and this is what I came up with for a fall look:

Zara blazer, Zara tank, Kill City jeans, Betsey Johnson studded belt, Adrienne Vittadini silk fringed scarf, Marc Jacobs Stam, F21 watch, Mina bag, Zara boots.
Gis3 Gis1
Isabel Marant SP09
Elle marant sp09
Isabel Marant08_mystylelounge.blogspot
Here's a close-up of the boots, found these on the net because my camera ran out of batteries :-(
Natitata blogspot
I will wear these soon so stay tuned for pics:
Stylerules blogspot

Images: mystylelounge.blogspot, natitata.blogspot, elle.com


  1. I love your blog! You have such amazing fashion sense and look wonderful!
    I will be back often!

  2. Duuuude, those boots are sick. I've found some of the most amazing shoes at Zara over the years...

  3. Great purchase! I loved the original Marant boots but aside from them going too quickly, I never really wanted to spend that much on suede (knowing me, I'd ruin them within seconds). I'll have to check out the Zara versions. They look great on you and that's a real Parisian look you have going... all you need now are some ruffles ;) Can't wait to see you model the flat boot as well!

  4. nice blog! love those boots, i have the flat ones!

  5. thanks for visiting girl! really liking the scarf =D
    and the boots are awesome!

  6. Hey Gisela!
    So that black Zara blazer I WANT so badly..I dont have one yet! Keep an eye out for moi..?
    The outfit is so laid back...LOVE IT!
    I'm so out of fashion that the only thing that I have in the first picture is the speaker by your feet..LOL!
    Keep up the great work (while Jacob is sleeping!)

  7. Hi Maury, Hi Gisela.
    How are you doing, you 2 ;)
    I´m finally back from vacation and saw that I already missed some of your post...
    hihi.. and one post with my feet ;)
    These Zara boots rock!
    I tried to find the Isabel Marant boots but they are sold out everywhere!Love them how you style them with your grey jeans and
    scarf!!! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful relaxing day!
    Beautiful Blessings...

  8. love this...wanted to buy it and when I saw the price 800 euros I was up no.... didn't know zara was making some quite similar
    Have you checked out Isabel Marant AW collection?? it's insane everything I ever wanted!!!

  9. Those zara boots are SICKNESS!!
    thanks for the wonderful compliment on my blog. I've added you to my bloglist. =)

  10. Gisela! Those boots! I looove!! I can't believe you got them for only $89! I am feeling alittle deprived living in a country where ZARA cease to exist!!

  11. Hey! Are those zara boots still available in stores if you know!?

  12. If you're still after the Isabel Marant FW 09 studded ankle boots, here are a few listed: http://intheircloset.com/isabel-marant-fall-2009-studded-ankle-boots/

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