Monday, July 6, 2009

Maury's new Sergio Rossi Nude Sandals

Sorry guys for the lack of postings coming from my part. I just move out and I am renovating the whole 3 bedroom apartment. It's a work in progress so I will show you my before and afters after a month or so. But I am sooooo excited about this new stage in my life :)

Last weekend we took our father out to dinner to celebrate his birthday at one of our favorite restaurants, PIO PIO in the Upper West Side. I decided to wear my new Sergio Rossi shoes I had bought at Century 21 the prior week. I been looking for a pair of nude shoes for a while and finally I had found them.  I am so in love with them because they are very simple, yet sexy.


I am wearing Sexuali AA Tees, Herve Leger Black Skirt, Sergio Rossi Sandals, and Jill Stuart Chain bag.


With my sisters Lizbeth and Madelyn




  1. Thank you!
    Love your new shoes and I´m looking forward to see how your home turns out :)

  2. You ladies are spicy hot! :) Man, I'm so jealous, I need a Century 21 in my city!!!

  3. that's what I miss about living in New York - Century 21 (lol)... we have none in South Florida. You look super cute!

  4. Your shoes are so sexy! You and Gisela always find such amazing items at Century 21.

  5. Mmmmm..tassels! Love them on your shoes and bag!<3

  6. Those shoes are soo hot! I have little patience for the shoe section at C21! I rather pay full price! lol!

  7. Hi Maury and Gisela,
    How are you two doing? Hanh and I planning coming to NYC this September for Fashion Week but it's not confirmed yet. I hope we will so all of us could have a chance to get together. :)
    I love your new Sergio Rossi Sandals. You and Gisela are my favorite girls. You guys always have fun with fashion which I love so much.
    Happy Tuesday to my two fabulous ladies.

  8. You ladies are all so beautiful! Must be nice to have such stylish sisters.

  9. wow, your sisters are beautiful & fashionable...i wish my sis would embrace fashion like me...

  10. Beautiful and fashionable young people theme of the times! It is my pleasure to read your article! I hope your readers become more and more! Thank you for sharing!


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