Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maury's Stella McCartneys Mesh and Lucite Heels

Guys, first of all I want to apologize for the millionth time for not being as active as I would love to at the moment. I am going through a big change in my life right now and trying to focus and do what I have to as a responsible adult. One of the things I have started cutting out is my shopping habits, so I haven't been really shopping for clothes but shopping for my apt that I am renovating at the moment. I will show you guys pics as soon as I start decorating it. 

Today Gisela and I met really quick to attend the Stella McCartney Sample Sale in Chelsea. It was an ok sale. A lot of stuff was from 50%-80% off. I was going to go a little bananas buying knits, a tailored jacket, and a pair of great stirrups tuxedo pants, but then I told myself I should be smarter about my purchases and just bought a pair of Spring 09 Mesh and Lucite heels which I been lusting for. They are the sister to those amazing heels we have all been seeing on Mary Kate Olsen this spring. Mine were on retail for $1395 at 80% off, you do the math...I HAD TO BUY THEM! 




Mary Kate Olsen wearing Stella McCartney's Mesh Heels. I love Mary Kate's version but I think mine are more edgy and futuristic...all thanks to the Amazing LUCITE heel!


Runway Pics of Stella McCartney's Spring 09

in Nude, Red, and Black

Picture 12Picture 13

Picture 8

Gisela bought this cute cashmere knit brown hat from Stella's Pre-Fall Collection. You know she had to get something, she has this problem where she can't leave a store without at least getting one thing.   She loves Japanese Toyko style and loves how they were their knit hats, she is going to sport it just like them. How cool!

Picture 14

Photos: Style.com, Intheircloset.com


  1. Great score! I did not realize they did the mesh with a lucite heel--I REALLY like those. I would have gotten them too!

  2. That's an insane deal!! Can't wait to see the outfit posts ;)

  3. Damnn those are even cooler than the other version!! LOVE them-- definitely a necessary purchase :)

  4. hey sweetie ♥ thanks, i've just linked you back.
    and OMG i neeeeeeed these shoes! amazing! x

  5. Wow, I like the lucite heel even better than MK's. Sooooo pretty.

  6. I love love LOVE this stella sandal variation. I think it's a million times cooler than the spike heel version.

  7. These are so amazing, Maury! The lucite heels add an interesting twist to the shoes. I love them. What a great find!

  8. GIRL those are AMAZING. I've still been after the regular version of those Stellas. Love love love them on your feet!!!

  9. Glad to enter your blog. Sharing your blog wonderful content is a pleasure thing. Because I love to see everyone's blog.


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