Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Gisela Purchased Today

Feeding my habit is getting a bit expensive but I still manage to justify all my purchases, for example, I sold a ton of my old stuff on ebay and it's just fair that I replace the old with the new :-) Ended up at  Century 21 again. I see this is going to be a problem for me since I live right across from that freakin' store. Anyways, big sale still going on and while digging for treasures I found 2 amazing-can't-leave-without-them pieces.

First up is this shocking, patent leather and silk Dolce & Gabbana corset! I tried this one with my new Forever 21 stretchy denim leggings (which by the way are totally amazing and super comfy!) and my new Sam Edelman Balenciaga knock offs, which I got in the mail today (more pics of them coming soon :-))I kinda felt this outfit is like Posh Spice meets Mary-Kate, ya think?
Dg gis
Just look at the brilliant craftmanship and the marvelous details!

Next up is a soft, buttery, white leather Maison Martin Margiela jacket, which doubles as a vest. Its versatile and in my opinion, timeless! (Please pardon my jammies and the tags, lol.)
Margiela vest1

So what you think guys? Did I do good?


  1. You did GREAT!! Margiela can do NO wrong. And that corset is pure dominatrix PERFECTION!!

  2. omg, im in loveeee with that white jacket! wow :)
    & thanks for the sweet comment u left on my blog x if you ever come to london id love to meet u too hun
    <3 Hannah

  3. Amazing purchases. Especially love that white vest/jacket.

  4. Beautiful!!! I need to stop by Century 21 next time I'm in NYC.
    Have a nice day to both Gisela and Maury ;)

  5. Hi there! Oohh great buys...the corset is sexy and the white jacket is beautiful!

  6. OMG OMG OMG. I love all of your purchases, but I fear for your financial situation if you live right across the street from a Century 21! I know I wouldn't be able to resist a daily visit!

  7. wow i have no words for this corset! take care of it! and i feel guilty saying this but i bought those sam Edelman boots at vic secret and returned them cause i thought they looked awkward...:O can you believe that? now im searching like a nut for a pair! i regret it so muuchh!

  8. Happy sunny friday to you, Gisela & Maury!
    Congratulations on your fab finds... Stella´s mesh heels are probably 2die4, from what I know
    Stella continue this style also for the winter collection as I saw some new colors a few weeks ago!
    I´m sure you will wear them with so many outfits!!! LUCKY FIND FOR A GREAT PRICE!!!
    Love also your MM purchase! The last photo with the short jacket version looks amazing on you!!!
    Beautiful Blesssings to you..

  9. Great purchases Gisela! I can kind of relate, because there's an outlet on the street I live that stocks Margiela, Westwood etc. and I've basically raided most of their stock. But I think C21 is worse (it's bigger = more damage). That corset is very rock chic and I'm a huge fan of Margiela, so I definitely approve of the jacket/vest. Is the entire thing leather? In any case, I agree - it's very versatile! Have a great weekend!

  10. You did great! I'm in love with the bustier!
    La C.

  11. I am torn between the two, they look equally magnificent! And those boots...

  12. love love LOVE the MMM jacket/vest!

  13. Can I just say those boots look amazing on you and I love the white jacket.

  14. Amazing things you have here!!!
    LOVE LOVE them both!!!

  15. OMG, Gisela! You're so lucky scoring these amazing pieces! I wish there's Century 21 in my city. I love the corset very much. You look HOT!

  16. I'll be in NY in October and may go to century 21! I think you need patience to go there and that is not me! hehe. The items you found are yummy! I am dying of jealousy that you are going to fashion week...I'll be looking forward to seeing the pics!

  17. I can't get over the things you find in Century 21 - I used to hit up the one in Long Island where I used to live and there was nothing like that :(
    ...I'll be in NY next month again, guess I'm going to have to find one in the city

  18. both of those pieces are so special!

  19. I die! That blazer is perfect! Two items in one-it doesn't get any better.....

  20. The corset is FIERCE. I am in love with it! So many possibilities!! Awesome purchases :)


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