Saturday, August 22, 2009

Girls Night out at Nobu

Maury and I had were treated to an amazing dinner at NY's popular Japanese restaurant Nobu by an incredibly charming fellow, who will remain anonymous per his request. Charming conversation and incredible food gave way to tons of laughter and super fun vibe!


We enjoyed a myriad of appetizers but our favorite was the Rock Shrimp Tempura with Spicy Sauce.


And here are some other delectable treats.

Ceviche Nobu Style


Lobster Shitake Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing


One of many sashimi plates.


Kyoto- Mascarpone mouse with green tea matcha sponge, frozen chocolate powder and chocolate Rocher gelato. This dessert was designed to liken Japan's Mount Fuji as seen from the outskirts of Kyoto. Pretty cool, huh?


Sueno- Pineapple cremoso coconut soaked tres leches sponge and coconut sage foam.


It was a terribly hot night and we tried to dress loose and comfy. Gisela wore an F21 ripped tank, Zara harem pants she scored on sale for $15 and Givenchy shoes.


This is my "what an idiot" face after realizing I left my silver knuckle ring at Nobu. I managed to recover it next day.

Maury, fresh off of work, wore a AA chambray men's button-down, her favorite Herve Leger skirt and Azzedine Alaia gladiator heels with Jimmy Choo Ramona Motorcycle Bag.

Look at those gams!

Close-up of our accessories. On Gisela's hand: YSL rhinestone ring purchased at the YSL outlet at Woodbury commons and Buddha ring from Aldo accessories. On Maury: marcasite cocktail ring purchased in Chinatown and various bracelets from our new favorite recessionista spot, Charlotte Russe.


We had a great time, so much so that by the end of the night, Maury was jumping for joy!
Enjoy your weekend guys!!
PS: Gisela is on off to Edinburgh, Scotland and will be blogging from there for the next 2 weeks :-)
Maury & Gisela


  1. Ah, that Leger skirt is pure sex, I love it! I tried on a little red vintage leger mini dress recently, and it seriously felt like wearing an ace bandage! So secure and skinny-fying. Too bad I pretty much showed my bits if I so much as leaned over 1/2 an inch. Yours is a much more sensible length.

  2. You girls are so freaking fabulous. I really love your shoes. Have a good trip, Gisela!

  3. You girls look hot, as always! That ripped tank is a wow! And I'm truly salivating here staring at your Japanese food!
    Happy Sunday to you both!

  4. gisela i love those harem pants. zara rocks!! you two have an amazing taste in jewellery and maury, those alai's are beatuful!! have a great sunday x

  5. AND a "HOT Night" (delightfully) placed under the stylish/laid back sign of "Working Girl-esque AND/OR Party Girl-esque GLAM" !!!
    ps: I (notably) like the way Maury's "BODY conscious-esque" Herve Leger Dress ideally emphasizes her curves' scorching Sensuality, AND the way your (sulfurous) nail polish AND your (exquisite) jewellery sublimates your Preciosity !!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. Love the colors Maury is wearing - really sets off those shoes.

  7. hello sexy mamas!!!!
    im back again! and i ve missed you... i missed everything in the whole 3 looking forward to a fall full of sexyness... those harem pants are just perfect... i like them much more than my own which are from zara aswell... mine shine so uglyly ( do this word exist in ur language)
    anyway, its good to see you guys
    ps. nice bling bling... i stole a lot of these from my mother this time.... pictures will follow

  8. My two ladies looking so flawless. I love the drape of those harem pant on you Gisela and Maury you look really sophisticated/sexy in your button down with a fitted skirt :)

  9. Maury - your work chic look is amazing! You make me want to put more effort into my outfits when I go to my job, lol. So chic and fashionable yet professional at the same time - amazing!
    Gisela - the harem pants...that top...the accessories...everything looks great!
    You girls are the best!

  10. oh and that food...damn! i'm hungry now - thanks! lol

  11. love the top and i want your chanel bag!

  12. Hi two beautiful,
    looks like you had great GNO at Nobu.
    I love Nobu too.
    you both look fabulous.
    I give you awards on my blog!!!
    Have a great monday!!!

  13. Hi you 2 sweethearts.
    OMG... that´s a dilemma... happy to read that you managed to get the ring back... but your expression of " what an idiot" was too cute.
    Maury looks so tres chic in her outfit!! And Gisela... "all in black" is always beautiful. Love the way you mix Zara with Chanel etc.!!! FABULOUS!!!
    It´s lunch time here in Germany ... wish to order now the "Mount Fuj" desert ... what was the name:
    Mascarpone mouse with green tea matcha sponge, frozen chocolate powder and chocolate Rocher gelato!!!!
    YUMMY******YUMMY*** ;)))
    Have a wonderful week you 2!!!!

  14. That was an incredibly fun evening and I was honored to be with two such lovely women. Thanks for your very kind comments as well. You both taught me that I can take a good photo. Well it was easy as the the subjects make the photo so perfect. Gisela: enjoy your trip to Germany and thanks again.

  15. oh, husband and i just went to nobu last week for dinner. the food is just superb but the portions are a little bit too small...
    yeah, it was pretty hot and sticky these past nights so your outfits are perfect! im in love with the buddha ring!!!
    have a great week, guys!

  16. Hi Maury & Gisela,
    You both look gorgeous!
    Maury...your work wear is so chic..i love the Alaia gladiator heels and the shirt!
    Gisela...your ribbed tank and those harem pants are fun and perfect!
    Nobu is a great place to eat and i am such a fan of Japanese food! :)
    Wishing both of you a great week!
    p.s Gisela enjoy your holiday in Scotland!

  17. Looks like you girls had a great time! Nobu is great if you get beyond the whole celebrity hype. Our company used to rent out the entire restaurant in NYC to impress clients... haha (which meant free food for me, so I never complained). I love all the jewelry, but Gisela - how on earth did you manage to leave a ring behind? Thankfully you got it back! Love the Givenchy shoes! Maury - that Leger skirt is awesome and wow, you have some sexy pins!
    Hope the both of you are doing well. Gisela - have fun in Edinburgh with your hubby! I just know you'll love it and hopefully you can still catch some of the Edinburgh Festival shows!

  18. You guys look fabulous. Gisela- love how you're incorporating trends like shredded tees and harem pants without looking like a complete slave to fashion; you work it! And Maury-- your shoes are amazing!

  19. Hi Maury and Gisela-
    Hanh and I will be in NYC for fashion week and want to know if you guys attend any of the shows? We all should meet up????

  20. follow my blog !
    i love maurys skirt and im DYING for the chanel follow my blog ! follow my blog !
    im new at this but please follow my blog and leave comments

  21. food and jewelry envy!!!
    did you have the king crab tempura? nobu is delish!

  22. Have to agree with everyone on the Herve Leger skirt..a killer! I need a staple like that in my closet..where can I find it?

  23. You two were the most cool girls at the restaurant!
    I love your delicious choices and also your great outfits!
    Amazing labels and style!
    I am in love!
    Love NYC!
    Kisses and hugs,

  24. oh I am so jalouse girl... I miss nobu so much!
    best food ever.. when I'm in NY it's the only and one place

  25. Both of you ladies are gorgeous! Love the food shots (droooool), and of course, the jewelry bit. I love your blog, and would love to exchange links if you don't mind :)

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