Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gisela's Saturday on 5th Avenue

This is what I wore Saturday on my "day off." Hubby took baby to Brooklyn and I stayed behind for some good ol' me time.. I'm not a shorts person by any means but I saw this adorable "Skort" at F21 and I figured it'd be perfect for summer and fall..I paired them with an AA tank, JC Ann Tie boots, Raybans and Chanel jumbo.
Gis shorts1
NYPD horse in the background :-)
Gis shorts2
Strolling on 5th ave I decided to see if the Burberry store had those awesome fw09 platform lace up booties I want but unfortunately the sales clerk said they're not in yet but would call me once they are..sigh.. So I headed to Barney's to check out my second choice... the Alexander Wang booties. I tried on a few pairs. I snuck some pics on my blackberry, sorry about the quality :-(




Right now I'm still undecided until I try on the Burberry boots but I would definitely not get the last pair, the ones you have to lace up and tie yourself, too much trouble. The others had zippers in the back, much easier.

I had to take a pic of this graceful woman sporting a marvelous hat that Schiaparelli herself would be proud of.

Afterwards, I stopped at the Zara on 5th and picked up this knock-out Balmain inspired jacket! Only one left , and it was my size, lucky me!!

Also checked out H&M, which I haven't been too in a while since I spend my time at both F21 and Zara, but I picked up one of their FW09 dresses. Planning on stuffing the sleeves with some tulle I have.. maybe..

As you can probably guess, Maury and I are over the moon about the
Barney's Warehouse sale finally starting this Thursday! This is where
Maury and I get most of our gems. Check out the info below for dates
and times..

mymanybags.blogspot, barneys.com, media.onsugar


  1. I want this Zara jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and you look amazing as always dear! I looove your cool boots <3

  2. hey sweetie ♥
    thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog - sorry it's taken so long to reply but this week has been crazyyy busy! i've been filming for a short fashion programme for my blog that will be up on the 24th august... SO exciting! and i've been working lotsss to afford gorgeous new A/W clothes :)
    loveeeee your outfit here, and those shoes! i actually prefer them to all the ones you tried on in the shop - i need a pair like those! GORGEOUS x
    ♥ Hannah

  3. That skirt is hot (and haute!)

  4. Ooh bootie shopping ;-) And thanks for the incredibly sweet comment! :)

  5. sale is like music to my ears.... : )

  6. Sexy shorts outfit! Love the pic with the horse in the the background, especially.
    I really would like to have that Zara jacket too for fall!
    Thanks for sharing your day!

  7. Hi Gisela!
    Love your entire outfit and can't help admiring the purse! I'm so itching to get one for myself now but I have to restrain myself. Not yet, patience, patience! So for now, I'll just enjoy looking at yours!
    And about the Barney's warehouse sale, I'm so jealous! Wish we have one here. =(

  8. OMG!! That H&M dress is beautiful sweetie. I really wanted one for myself. You look really chic. I love your mini floral skirt ;)
    Please tell Maury I say hi ;)

  9. ahhh those a. wang boots! divine.. it seems everything that man touches turns to gold!

  10. Sweet skort! :) I used to love wearing those!! Love the lace up boots too... :)

  11. that blazer is amazing. i love sharp cuts in the shoulders like this. i currently posted the blazer i own on my blog. i love blazers and may have to get one of these zara jackets myself! thanks for sharing this great piece! also love the print on the F21 skirt. x

  12. Mmmh Actually I am always mesmerized by the "Fashionista's trying her Fetish Fineries" posture . . . especially when her high-arched bare feet gives us such a (so Bewitching) "natural/carnal Stiletto" illusion !!!! Just like a powerful gracefulness' allegorial illustration . . .
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  13. Good luck at the sale. Hope you get some great finds...

  14. Ooh, more purchases! I have yet to see the Zara blazer in person.. I keep forgetting to drop by a Zara. And I can't believe that dress is H&M! I'm still totally undecided which boots I want for FW. It doesn't help that the Isabel Marant booties are everywhere here, but I don't like spending so much on Suede, which I'll undoubtly ruin in Europe's rainy climate. Great shopping outfit by the way!
    Oh, and so awesome you're going to Edinburgh! Are you joining your hubby? Definitely also check out the area around Armstrongs. It's such a lovely part of town with many more vintage shops. And if you have a sweet tooth, you have to try some of the fudge in the Fudge Kitchen (it's on the Royal Mile). Have fun!

  15. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love the skort!
    And I am sooooooo excited for the Barneys sale too!

  16. Cute skort! I love your shoes too. So fab. :)

  17. You're so lucky about the Zara find. Cannot wait to see what you wear them with.

  18. oh! I love NY! and you look so amazing! Love this short/skirt so much! Your shopping was also so well done!

  19. Bonsoir Gisele, Mon Amour ;)
    Ahh, your comment made my day *** I´m blushed***
    (Did I ever tell you that my mom´s name is also Gisela?)
    I´m happy I can return the compliment directly with a comment on your new post!!
    oMG... I thought the picture of the H&M dress is an illustration and realized a few seconds later
    it´s the "real" dress. HOLY MOLY!!! GO FOR IT ;)
    This is a ***** GISELA, THE LUCKY GIRL POST****:
    ... the Zara "Balmain Jacket... woow... , going to the Barney´s Warehouse sale... woow... all your boots... woow (hey, you can do a runway show... just one shoe with high heels on and still walkiing with the bare-footed foot also "high heel" ;), your Ann D.´s ... wooow.... everything is... Wooow ;)
    Have a beautiful day and say hello to Maury!!!

  20. Hi Gisela,
    Your shorts are so adorable and of course i love the H&M dress!
    hmmm, i would be very confused about which pair to get because i like both the Alexander Wang and Burberry boots! It's going to be a hard choice Gisela ;)
    I look forward to finding out which ones you will go for in the end!
    Anna xx

  21. Hi Maury!!
    Your comment put such a smile on my face!!!
    Right in time for the fall booties... summer is back ;)
    Promise to do a post about the IM booties when i wear them!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  22. hi sweetie pies,hope you score some yummy gems at the warehouse sale girls!
    loving your hunt for the perfect boot!
    Zara is killing it in the strong shoulder section and love that H&M dress girl.
    that skirt on you is yummy, liking it with just the black tank

  23. I love the Wang boots! I saw that Topshop has a similar pair now, more in my pricerange :)
    And the Zarablazer is awesome!

  24. You make a skort look hot girl!! And that blazer from Zara is TDF.

  25. hi gisela! i know what you mean, we need some ME and ALONE time once in a while. we need and deserve it! and ofcourse, what else to do but go shopping?? :)
    how was the barneys sale? i usually don't go until they marked down the prices some more.
    your buys are fabulous! let us know which shoe you decided on.
    and btw, the lipstick i usually use is nars rouge d'enfer.

  26. Hey hun, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog ♥
    I know I've already gushed about how much I love your lace up shoes (in the first pic) but was just wondering where you got them from? I NEED a pair of those haha :)
    ♥ Hannah

  27. I love it how you two girl always surprise me with the outfits you wear!
    This outfit is so cute and girly yet you do the hot and chic emsembles equally well!
    Loving those JC tie boots on you!

  28. im avoiding the temptation of going into zara.
    i cant wait to see you rocking your finds!!

  29. Nice cute little dress paired to gladiator, I like it. thanks for the post.


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