Friday, August 28, 2009

What To Do In Edinburgh?

After reading Haute World's amazing blog I just had to run to Armstrong's super cool vintage store and I was not dissappointed! Thank you Haute World!

These were my favorite pieces:
Vintage sheepskin jacket.
Red felt hat (baby had just woken up :-)
80's Studded Leather
Backside (unfortunately too big for me :-(
Fortunately, for me, Edinburgh's having its annual Fringe Festival. It's the largest festival in the world! Pretty much you get tons of interesting acts, everything from circus performances to grass roots bands. Theatre, comedy, dance, it's all here, all day long up and down the streets and in venues! Here are just a few snaps on High Street.
I thought these girls were creepy and cool. They were handing out flyers.
Baby got a lil' frightened by the silver lady, aww.. 
This is not a right?
I'm thoroughly enjoying the flat we're staying in, it's been quiet and quite relaxing. Especially the rusltling of the leaves at night we hear through the bedroom window. Heres the view of the bedroom and livingrooms.
I have tons more shots and I promise to post them soon. Thank you all for the awesome comments on the last post! As soon as we get a chance Maury we will leave comments for all our beloved bloggers :-)

PS: Shopping's expensive here, darn it, so I got my fix from overseas, LOL. I really couldn't resist this Bebe Balmain knockoff, looks just like the pic in our header. Gonna ad some shoulder pads and presto!


  1. Hello there happy holiday-er! That sheepskin jacket looks like what I need for the coming Minnesota winter.
    Your bedroom is lovely...I can almost hear the birds chirping outside!
    And that Bebe dress is sexy.
    But most of all, your baby looks so cute!

  2. im loving the sheepskin jacket. i am actually lookin for a similar one for autumn.
    enjoy ur trip-can't wait to read more!

  3. gisela- too bad, that studded fringe jacket doesn't fit you!
    i fell in love with it.
    the place where you staying looks awesome
    and it's perfect for the baby so he has time for!
    enjoy every minute of your trip.

  4. Hello Gisela,
    wow, that sheepskin jacket and the red felt hat are amazing! I hope you bought them! I was also involved in vintage shopping here in London after reading reviews from Haute world! how amazing is she!
    ha ha, i love the comment about "baby had just woken up"
    This bebe dress is super sexy! i can not wait to see it on you!
    Your flat looks so lovely and cosy :)
    Enjoy your weekend in Edinburgh and i can not wait to see more of your wonderful pictures!

  5. Ahhh, so glad you found Armstrongs! I see you got along ok there ;-) Did you end up buying anything? Anyway, you do have perfect timing - it was also my first time being there during the Edinburgh Fringe and I just loved the vibe!
    Great apartment you guys have there by the way. It's so much more relaxing than staying in a hotel (where they'll chase you out when they want to make the room). Can't wait to see more pics and hope both you and Maury are having a lovely weekend so far!

  6. Looks fun! And sure, I would love to meet you and Maury when you get back!!

  7. Great post! I love these city shopping guides. :)

  8. ps: Woooop so my response to your tag is on line Dears !!!
    ps: Ooooooh YES the last Dress' play of transparency sounds very "with a high content of Sexy/exquisite GLAM" !!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  9. Wow, the flat you're staying in looks delightful. I'd be tempted to just stay there!
    And damn, Bebe is being confusingly on-point these days. I still have this association with Bebe and really bad, cheesy 90's fashion. But it's totally different now!

  10. hi gisela! luck you, going on a sweet vacation in edinburgh. did you get the vintage items you tried on? loved the sheepskin jacket and the red floppy hat!
    enjoy the rest of your vacation!
    would love to meet you guys too!

  11. Hi Gisela, Hi Maury!!
    How are you two sweethearts doing this monday?;)
    Ahh, Gisela... I LOOOVE this place where you live in Edinburgh. So great you went directly to this fabulous vintage store
    Haute World posted a few days ago.
    OMG** how gorgeous is this red hat!!!! MON DIEU!!!
    Enjoy your stay in Edinburgh with your family, Gisela!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  12. I think I want to go Edinburgh also and have a vacation with my family, it's a nice place.


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