Monday, August 31, 2009

What Gisela & Maury Wore This Weekend

What Maury wore this weekend to go to a baby shower:

AA pencil bandeau dress worn asymmetrically and Ann' D Jeffrey Campbell boots with Kenneth Cole Jacket.






Gisela this weekend in Edinburgh:
Friday:Zara faux fur vest & studded belt and mom's vintage boots.
Saturday: Zara Balmain jacket and suede booties and DIY jeans.
Sunday: In front of our flat, F21 top and leggings, Kangol beanie authentic tribal scarf from Yemen (where my hubby's family hail from.)


  1. Good evening ladies! What can I say...I oohed and aaahed at your sexy black ensembles. Maury definitely looks smoking hot in that snug asymmetrical dress and lace-up shoes; Gisela looks fabulous in that fur vest and padded blazer (I'm
    craving both actually but no Zara in my area!).
    Nice to see you 'work' together in a post even when you are thousand of miles apart.
    Have a good week!

  2. wow i think i now need to purchase that Zara jacket. i have been looking for one exactly like this with defined structured soldiers. love it so much.
    hope you had fun in edinborough!

  3. Wooooooooooow "Second Skin-esque" shape of the Dress, asymmetrical cut full of architectural nonchalance, back's top majestically unveiled, wild/luxuriant mane / "crinière de jais" . . . Maury sounds as such a "Sexy/Dark Bewitchment", GLAMorous with a capital letter !!!!
    ps: I really like the "Urban CHIC-issime GLAMazon side" of Gisela's strong shouldered blazer, OR when "Working Girl-esque" Inspiration adorns itself on such Sexy/Powerful attires . . .
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. What a treat! You both looked lovely! Maury - your VVLBD (very very little) is uber sexy and Gisela - your furry vest is uber edgy!

  5. Both of my ladies looking so fabulous !!!!!

  6. That blazer is pure hotness!! Rock those shoulders girl.

  7. Loving all these outfits! Maury - love how you wore the dress asymmetrically!
    Gisela - that faux fur vest and the Balmainesque jacket are awesome. Zara is doing a lot of things right this season! That last look is great as well... almost didn't recognize you with the beanie on! By the way, I passed Joey D.'s but never went in because I was short on time. Part of the reason was Concrete Wardrobe next door... you should check it out as well. So many cute items and a great place to get souvenirs that are a bit more unique!

  8. Hello Maury and Gisela.
    You two sweathearts are looking fabulous as always. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY FOR MAURY ;)
    Gisela.. so far away from Maury in Edinburgh ... I love that front door of your flat ;)
    LOOOOVE the "Balmain" inspired jacket and the Zara faux vest is simple too adorable!!!
    Maury.. enjoy your week in NYC
    Gisela... have a wonderful stay in Europe!!!

  9. Hello you two gorgeous ladies!
    wow, Maury looking very sexy in your asymmetric dress!
    Gisela hun, i love all these outfits! Your faux fur vest and that Zara Balmain jacket are stunning! I just bought a pair of jeans similar to your DIY ones and i am hoping to wear them soon :) You look adorable in your last picture!
    Wishing both of you a great week!
    Anna xx

  10. You guys are high fashion all the way! Maury- love your assymetric dress style. And Gisela, your faux fur is purrrrfect.

  11. I just love both your styles!
    Maury, you're working the hell out that dress!
    Gisela, looks like you're having an amazing time on that trip...I love those outfits - very funky and fashion forward!
    I hope you ladies are having a fabulous week!

  12. Hi beautiful ladies,
    you both look fab as always.
    Gisela, looks like you have a great fun trip.
    hope you all have awesome week!!

  13. ahhhh....
    I've been so out of it.
    Just got back from the trip!
    Got some color.
    You girls are working it in all your post!
    Which I love. Miss you guys wish i was there.
    When I first got to Rome I saw the Balmain knock off jkt at Zara...
    haha, was going to get it, but thought that once i get back to Rome
    from the cruise it will still be there.
    But booooy was i WRONG.
    My size was gone and the only one left was a med.
    And my heart was broken...until...i saw it on ur blog!
    and you look great in it.
    I was like yeees they have it here too!
    So, you made my day : ) funny or insane how fashion has such a hold on us like that.

  14. darlings you both look great.Maury that dress is rad rad rad, loving it with those booties.
    Gisela I hope you are having an amazing time in Scotland-Edinburgh, the vest looks yummy!

  15. that is a very sexy look for a baby shower!! ;)
    im tempted to try on this new jacket shape. dont know if those shoulders would work on me, but it looks great on you. plus i need another black tuxedo like i need a hole in the head...

  16. I love love love the Balmain Zara jacket! I tried it on and loved it but I was so broke at the time. I went back yesterday and it was gone. Haha. You girls look lovely as always!

  17. that Zara vest is so nice, I may just have to look for it whist shopping tomorrow! love the fact that it isn't a block colour, it kinda looks like feathers

  18. wwooww i love these outfits that dress maury is rocking is so fircee
    your blog iss hot... ,luv it...check out my blogg

  19. Nice outfits! I think I'm in love with the blue jeans!


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