Monday, September 7, 2009

Gisela's Journey Continues..

Baby and I toured the town while hubby hammers away at the job. We took in the Spanish Art Exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland. The works of Picasso, El Greco and Goya, amongst others, are being displayed through Oct. We enjoyed the exhbit although I thought they'd be more Picasso paintings, there were only about 7 or so works of art,but in general enjoyed it.

Here we are in front of the Museum's exit, overlooking the green lawn. I'm wearing Charlotte Russe pleather jacket, Alexander Wang tee and Kill City jeans. Baby Jacob is decked out in Children's place.Gise7 
Frolicking in the lawn with Baby! That is the marvelous Scott Monument behind us.
Here's a better pic.
Baby's first steps :-))
Love the Kurt Geiger shoe display.
Have my eye on these..
More boots!
Forgot to post this wicked Firetrap Fall Ad Campaign displayed on their storefront. Reminds me of those Alice Dell'al and Pixie Geldof sexy rock chic! Check out my reflection :-))

Going back home soon to catch NY Fashion Week!

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend! and PS: Thanks for the advice on the Lady GIGI outfit, you shall see me in it at the tents!
Shout out to Maury, miss ya!



  1. Love those purple boots! Looks like you're having loads of fun. See you soon!

  2. i love kurt geiger. i saw a beautiful patent black shoe tied into a bow at the foot of his at topshop oxford street,london. love your charlotte russe jacket and the way you have paired it with a simple white t from the master that is alexander wang. makes the jacket rock even more! can't wait to hear about NYFW!!!

  3. WOW! Those boots are stunning! I love Kurt Geiger too... but i have got 2 sandals from this brand...

  4. Gisela! the pictures are great (especially the 2nd one)!
    Your baby is soooo cute!

  5. oh those boots! such a divine berry colour for autumn. need to get myself down to Kurt Geiger!

  6. hi gisela!
    that 2nd photo of you with your cute lil boy
    is so precious!!!!
    my heart melts when i see a photo like that.
    the store looks amazing and it seems
    that there are lot of fabulous shoes.
    so, did u get those boots?
    have a safe trip back home.

  7. So great to see a fashion mom!
    You look great with the baby! I love babies!!
    About your question, I live Recife, Brazil, Boa Viagem beach!
    It´s a great place for living and for tourism!
    Many kisses and hugs,

  8. These are wonderful photos! And Jacob looks adorable. :)

  9. Hey hun, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog :)
    You're by far the most stylish mum I've ever seen! lol, you look amazing as always! LOVE all of your outfits x
    ♥ Hannah

  10. Hi Gisela,
    Sorry for late comment! I have been so busy and today i finally got home early and was able to update my blog and check out my favourite ones!
    It looks like you and cute baby are having such a great time in Edinburgh! Believe it or not, i have never been to Scotland! how bad is that?
    Kurt Geiger do some really amazing shoes and the ones you like are absolutely gorgeous!
    Have a great evening!!
    p.s i can't wait to see all the pictures from the NY Fashion week!

  11. Nice scene the greens! And that purple boots should be shipped to me...haha!
    Just got back today from a whirlwind trip in your grand city of NY!Thanks for the shopping tip, by the way. I went there for a wee bit but my goodness that place was SUPER packed! The two dresses I liked were 3 sizes too big...haha...and didn't have enough time and patience to explore the whole store. Oh well...
    Happy fashion week to you fabulous bloggers! Share the pix with us.

  12. Wow that monument is amazing and cool booties! :)

  13. Very nice travel photos! Love your outfit too.
    That purple boots is very interesting. I so want one for fall.
    Enjoy the fashion week. I heard a lot of fab ladies will be meeting-up! =)

  14. aww thats great that you get to spend time with your family in such a beautiful place...i can't get over how adorable your little boy is & of course, you look awesome as usual. hot mama!!!
    have a safe and fun time for the remainder of your trip...get home safe!

  15. Your baby is so adorable!
    and those boots are stunning!

  16. Good Morning Lady Gigi.
    Although I was never there... Edinburgh seems to be such a lovely place to be. Love your pictures of you and your little baby, learning first steps...
    What a cool "Shoe Parade"!!
    The color of your Kill City Jeans is awesome. the perfect "grey color".
    Have an enjoyable stay !!!!!

  17. that picture of you holding the baby up w/ the castle in the back is so cute!

  18. that picture of you holding the baby up w/ the castle in the back is so cute!
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  19. I love the purple boots! OMG!! lots of shoes.


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