Thursday, September 3, 2009



Story behind this look: remember a couple of posts ago when I said that I would not be shopping in Edinburgh because its to expensive? Well scratch that! LOL! I couldn't resist these ruby red and pink, patent wedges..Welcome home 6" Carvela "Astound" wedges!


And that's not even the best part of the day! Everytime I'm out I make a stop at Top Shop. Today I visited the "Buy It Now Or Regret It Later" rack (literally, that's what the sign read) browsed through the rack, knowing I was not buying anything, and my eyes almost fell out when I saw this boysuit!
I've been hunting for that wicked bodysuit since I saw Daria wearing it in this Vogue UK editorial we posted in March. The price tag was a hefty $120 USD. I was pissed because I did not want to pay that much but screw it, it was the last one and I would have "regretted it later, LOL! Ran to the register just before I had a chance to change my mind and  you shoulda seen my face when the item rang up at 10 pounds! which is $20 USD! No way! 

So question for you guys: I want to throw a black bf blazer over this lil' number for NY Fashion Week..Not since ballet classes at 7 have I donned a bodysuit over is this too much? Not enough, lol? Is Lady Gaga the only girl that can sport this look? Any other suggestions on how I can wear this bodysuit? Would love to hear your opinions :-)

PS: This is what I wore today: Charlotte Russe pleather jacket, Zara faux suede drop crotch pants and Adrienne Vittadini silk fringed scarf.

Oh and some fave images courtesy of starting with Ambers (sorry for the screenshots.) Vmag901 
Another "IRON MAIDEN" editorial. Those Mango studded jeans are bad!
Olivier Theyskens "Grand Finale!" I just read he's designing for Marco Zanini



  1. Hi there Lady GIGI! Looks like Edinburgh is turning out to be a shopper's paradise. Wow at the shoes and bodysuit! Yeah, a blazer would be a nice cover-up, but only if you want one...after all, you're Lady Gigi!
    You look good in that drop crotch pants.

  2. Ooo it looks so beautiful on you, Gisela! Why don't u try it with tights and the Zara Balmain blazer? And maybe some really rad sky-high heels. You're going to look awesome for NYFW.

  3. wow those wedges are gorgeous. and i love the way you have worn them with balck tights. the contrast is fabulous. i think paring a long bf blazer would be great with the bodysuit. you could also experiment with maybe a cropped slip jacket. i think the tights should defninitely be worn with the bodysuit. can't wait to see your decision!

  4. oh my god you look so hot. I have considered those wedges several times, the red is so nice. And the bodysuit, oh the bodysuit! Wish I could find it, my local topshop is rubbish though.

  5. Good morning Gisela and Maury -
    The first outfit is lovely.LOVE LOVE LOVE the bodysuit. I think you should wear it like that to FW :-) lol. You probably can try it over thick studded legging and your MMM jacket over it ;) What do you think??
    The last outfit is nice and relax. You look good sweetheart.
    Hope you and Maury having a fabulous day,

  6. WOW,that body suit is gorgeous Gisela! I remember seeing it in Vogue but i didn't know it was from Topshop until now! :)
    hmmm, i was thinking the same thing as Nini! I would wear the bodysuit with very thick leggings (or even the sass & bide rats leggings?) with a structured jacket.
    Enjoy your weekend in Edinburgh and hopefully the weather is better over there!
    Anna xx

  7. Great buys! Glad you did end up splurging on something... what's the point of going somewhere if you're not going to get a souvenir? ;-) And Topshop is actually cheaper in the UK than it is in the States (that goes for any UK brand by the way... I'd also check out All Saints, French Connection and Reiss). What a great deal on the bodysuit! I agree with Nini and Anna... you might want to pair it with some thick leggings (if studded even better), just so it really looks like you're wearing pants or else people might think it's a swimsuit. Love your look of the day... you accessorized it perfectly! Enjoy the rest of Edinburgh. By the way... how long are you staying there for?

  8. hey gisela!
    wow, that bodysuit is freaking awesome! and at such a great discount too! i wonder why it didn't get snapped up in edinburgh? maybe they are not as fashion adventurous like us new yorkers? :)
    i think if anyone could pull it off it would be you! it would look great with a little black tutu as well, noh? ;)
    would love to meet you guys! i work right across the tents and could definitely say hi! :) and also im going to the blogger party on 14th. are you going there too?

  9. howdy gisela!
    wow, i'm so amazed that you still have your
    sexy body after having a baby.
    huh! mine, i need to do a lot of workout to burn
    the fats on my tummy.
    job well done on the mix and match of your outfit.
    wish i could go to NY fashion week
    p.s. have you found Chuck's for your baby?

  10. Hey cool jumpsuit! I think you can wear it with tights, looks good to me. :)

  11. Great body suit. I really like your blog its awesome. The blazer in the first pic of your screen shots is to die for!!!

  12. Those wedges are serious killers, 6 inches, wow!!
    My vote on the outfit: WEAR IT! Not all could and not all would even if they could. You're one gutsy gal and you've got the bod, so go for it!! =)
    Agree with Kat, and we now dub thee, Lady Gigi!

  13. The bodysuit is soooo cute! hahaha! And you look good in it!

  14. You look gorgeous, G!
    Love those red shoes!

  15. darling love the carvelas! wicked honey. love that colour so much.
    ok the bodysuit is a steal! darling im liking your idea of the jacket over it and legwear.
    happy wknd
    p.s the harem pants and scarf are gorge!

  16. Hello Lady Gigi!!!
    Ups... I thought I already left my comment but
    saw that it came not through ;)
    So here I am again, Mylady;)
    I had to smile about "Gigi" as my mom´s first name is also "Gisela" and
    her sister, my aunt, is calling her sometimes "Gigi", too ;)
    Your eyecatching bodysuit looks so perfect with your red wedges and black tights! MON DIEU MADAME...Lady Gigi ;)
    Enjoy your sunday in Edinburgh!!!!

  17. OMG! That body suit is amazing dear! and I loooooooooove your look with your harem pants <3
    great buys

  18. Wooow Wooow Wooooow AND "Lady Gigi" is such a "Curvalicious Girlie GLAMazon", very "Futuristic Temptress full of powerful SEXYness" !!!!
    ps: OOoooh Thanks Infinitely for your comment about the tag, it Frankly would be such a Great Pleasure to meet you and Maury in person !!!
    Hope you're Well Dears.
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  19. Hey Gisela & Maury!!! G-i love the bodysuit. Dammit...I need one in my life-QUICK! I wouldn't wear the bodysuit sans anything's too aggressive. You're a sexy "mom", so I would consider that first. I would kill it with maybe a tulle skirt that still features the bodysuit and killer shoes! It would even work with jeans and your Zara blazer...oh...and your red wedges! We should meet up in NYC. I'll be there on the 16th attending Kenley's show (former Project Runway designer). I'll email you my info. Kisses!

  20. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
    Go for it SEXY ;)


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