Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PHI we love you!

This past Friday, Gisela and I went to Soho on a mission to find a sofa for my livingroom. I had a couple requirements: sofa had to be extra comfort, elegant, have nailheads, and if I am lucky some tufting. We went to numerous stores in Soho and many designer shops. I wanted something by the end of October too, but it was hard finding a couch that met all my requirements! How demanding I was that day, but this was a big investment and I wanted to be really happy about it.  I didn't find anything that would me all my requirements and delivered by the en of I was a little unhappy about that. Gisela made it all up by taking me to the PHI Private sample sale that Friday.

At the PHI Sale,  we found some amazing stuff but only came out with accessories. I bought some motorcycle boots and Gisela bought some amazing boots for $50!  She also got an awesome pink/nude corset belt for $25. Here's a pic of what Gisela wore that day. I was under the weather so I will not include pics of me on this posting, but you can see the cute boots I bought, they are very simple but so comfy. 


Gisela wore a Martin Margiela white leather vest,F21  tank, sequined scarf (which was a piece of fabric left over from a dress she had tailored), BEBE Sport Sweatpants and her new Phi Boots.



I love the details on these boots! You can wear them numerous ways! U ROCK Gisela! I can't wait to see what else she wears with them :)

Here is a pic of the boots I purchased that day for a steal! 


We personally always been a fan of PHI and this collection suits our style to a T! Below are some of our favorite looks from Spring 2010. We can't wait to get our hands on those bandage pants, embroidered and studded jeans, knit ethereal tops, corseted bra tops, boyish jackets, and corseted dresses. Great job Andreas Melbostad we also love your color palette of White, Black and soft Tans! 

Picture 11

Picture 9

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 2

Picture 10

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

We are still lusting over the Creepers from Fall 09! Funny thing was that we went to one of our favorite consignment stores in NYC,  Ina Consignment store in Soho. Just two minutes before we got there,  some girl snatch a pair of the Creepers for a mere $500! They were in Gisela's size too, oh bummer! Pic below is from Jak and Jil


Its officia! I finally moved in to my apartment after gutting most of it and revamping it. I am still working on  my walk-in closet. Still have to redo the walls and eliminating a putting all the shelving. . It's all a work in a you can see a mini pic of my shoe and boots collection. This is not the way I will organize them as this is not the room they will be in. Most of my shoe and boots collection are still in boxes.  Sorry about the lighting...I shot this around 1AM.

Here is a sneak peak :)


BTW, Saturday I decided on a sofa and ordered this one from Zgallerie. Can't wait for Ms. Comfy Pauline to enter my home.



Next week we will have our first ever Contest! This is our way of making up for the fact that we haven't been as active on the blog scene as we'd like too. We are so excited and can't wait to have the first Heights of Fashion contest for all our lovely readers! Stay Tuned !!!!!


Maury & Gisela

PHI Runway pics from


  1. Gorgeous couch! Better beware of wine though :S Those boots you bought are fierce and I can totally see why you guys love Phi, it's so you!

  2. Wow those boots are cool! I'm smitten by the MMM vest

  3. I ADORE every single piece from the PHI runway collection...I want it all!! It was absolute perfection. Amazing boots, by the way!!

  4. Hello you 2 sweeethearts!!!
    Gisela, you look is so stunning. Congratulations on your fab boots!! THEY ROCK THE STREETS OF NY!
    Your DIV sequined scarf is such a showstopper! And I see... you are already ready for 2010 with your hair style ;)
    Maury, enjoy decorating your new home!!!
    The skyblue (?) color of your new cozy sofa is tdf!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  5. amazing finds, you guys! the couch looks awesome, as well!

  6. Just discovered your blog and I love it!!! your NYFW pistures are so great!! Definately following you :)

  7. darlings loving the Phi boots you both got! the Phi creepers are epic.big fan of Phi too and the pants from the spring/summer 2010 collection are beyond words!
    kiss kiss

  8. i really like z gallerie. they have such nice stuff!!
    gisela's sweats like so cozy. and i love the sequin scarf/fabric.
    awesome job at the sample sales!!
    i cant wait to see when the "shoe wall" is finished! i love peeking into people's closets!

  9. hi gisela and maury!
    gisela- you rock in your outfit!
    i adore the metallic scarf on you.
    maury- i can't wait to see photos of your apartment.
    good choice on the sofa.

  10. i love phi too! oh my god, love gisela's outfit. the phi boots are AMAZING! ;) thanks for the comment on my blog, if not for it, wouldn't have known about your AMAZING BLOG! how many times did i write amazing in there? LOL

  11. congrats on moving into ur new apartment!!!
    u look chic and love that sofa from zgallerie.
    i used to do visual merchandising there for awhile.

  12. Wow those boots are the bomb. Great find!
    I have been on a Sample Sale ban for awhile now. Waiting to the Fall/Christmas sales to do all my real damage.

  13. shame you missed out on the creepers :(
    but the boots both you girls got are gorgeous. oh and I love the silver scarf, just the perfect touch of glitz!

  14. What an awesome fashion show! I like all the style of your clothes.

  15. Now days every person is crazy about fashion. People want to look different and attractive from others. So they always look for new and latest stlye clothes , shoes and other things.

  16. great boots ! i love them ! you seriously have some style girl ! :)

  17. Wow...these boots are really beautiful and very attractive. I like the brown ones the most.


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