Sunday, October 4, 2009

What We Wore This Weekend

Gisela and I met on Saturday to take in Isabel Toledo's "Fashion Inside Out Exhibit" at the Museum at FIT but much to our chagrin it had been replaced by the "Fashion and Politics" exhibit. Nevertheless it was a pleasant exhibit. It's "a chronological exploration of over 200 years of politics as expressed through fashion." We finally got to see Catherine Malandrino's iconic flag dress, which was worn by Halle Berry and a few other celebs in commemoration of 9/11. I must say I was hugely disappointed because Isabel is one of my true idols but Gisela had a nice surprise for me to make up for missing the exhibit. She bought me Isabel Toledo's new book as a belated birthday gift! I was on cloud 9!

Earlier that day, we had just finished viewing some of the new collections at home and after viewing Balenciaga's I was inspired to wear my Rachel Roy rain coat because it reminded me of Nicholas' new hooded vests. I paired it with my new PHI motorcycle boots purchased last week at their sample sale.




Balenciaga1 Balenciaga2

Gisela loved the Isabel Marant collection and she wanted to put a little something together to pay tribute to the reigning queen of cool by donning an old Just Cavalli mini along with her trustee Zara blazer and her mom's old vintage slouchy boots.





Hope you all had a great weekend! We are working on our "give-away" contest so stay tuned!
Maury & Gisela



  1. I love how these look like paparazzi shots! :)

  2. wow talk about a super cool raincoat. i always hear of great new york sample sales. great vintage boots!

  3. You girls look oh so amazing, as always! I love that Just Cavalli mini! The print is amazing!

  4. I love the boots and the mini! You guys both look great.

  5. Hi Maury, Hi Gisela.
    How fabulous is this picture of you in front of the bus.. the perfect moment!
    I looove those Balenciaga heels you showed in the pictures! Wish I could get my hands on ALL of them ;)))
    Have a beautiful day, you 2 sweethearts!

  6. hey girls! great post and looking fabulous per usual :)

  7. Great outfits! I loved both the Balenciaga (how can you not love anything with a hoodie?) and Isabel Marant shows. The latter always knows how to create the best boots. By the way, Gisela will be happy to know Marant's opening a flagship in NYC next year! Anywhow, hope you guys have been keeping well. Really loving those PHI boots by the way!


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