Friday, October 30, 2009

Who's Your Girl Crush Contest!!!

Finally, we are hosting our very first Heightsoffashion Contest!

Kate Lamphear, Emmanuelle Alt, Carine Roitfeld, and Kate Moss have always been personal IT FASHION ICONS for Gisela and I, and a million other people. But today, we decided to show you guys which IT girls are revving our engines today! Their style speaks to us and inspires our daily lives.  

My number one girl crush has to go to the petite Russian Harper's Bazaar Editor, Miroslava Duma. She is only 24 yrs old and already taking over the helm at Harper's Bazaar Russia. I've been admiring her for quite some time, and although her style most of the time is clean, feminine  and polished,  she has a quirky urban and adventurous side to the way she dresses. She has the greatest Hermes bags at all times! Kimora watch out, this girl is about to have more bags than you, LOL. We love the way she dresses because you can easily see that she dresses based on how she feels that particular day. She can go from a Chanel Jacket, Hermes bag, YSL trousers, and Valentino blouse to a NYC Hoody with Denim shorts and tons of jewelry. I mean who would've thought of pairing that NYC hoody with some luscious mink, only Miroslava!


Insp_5 Insp_8 Lvscarf1


Next up is Gisela's fave, Fashion Stylist Catherine Baba! She is absolutely eccentric and has such a great personal style that we love. I love how unexpected and non-driscriminating she is when it comes to her attire. For her, anything goes and she has no rules to follow. I love her accessories, from the head wrap turbans, to her vintage belts, to her fabulous statement shoes. What we love about Catherine is her use of juxtaposing different textures, fabrics, vintage and designers together to create a look that is her own. Gisela is in on the hunt to find a similar silk robe like the way she has in the pics below and I think she's found it on ebay!





Not only is Vanessa Trania rich, famous and daughter of Romance Novelist Danielle Steele, but the girl has style! We love the Givenchy's muse raw edge rock and roll urbanite style. From her Balenciaga and Rick Owens leather jackets to the Proenza Schouler corset tops, and Givenchy Hardknock open toe booties. She is a a'u naturel when it comes to dressing up. She reminds us of Kate Moss but a little bit more urban and raw.




Parisian model Leonor Scherrer takes the icing of the cake! She is absolutely unapologetic with her style and is going to show you Masculine/ Dominiatrix/Edgy Glamazon Style!As soon as you see this woman you already know that SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS! She would be the muse for my defunct lingerie line, VAGIN POUVOIR which stands for VAGINA POWER in french! This woman has all the pussy control anyone can ask for! Her style is very strong and powerful and there is no turning back when it comes to dressing up, she is going to give u a statement and will be absolutely bold! We love her use of black, leathers, fur, and statement shoes!She is also one of Ricardo Tisci's muses at Givenchy!





Please let us know who is your "Girl Crush" of the moment!These are the rules:

-Send us a picture of your girl crush to
-Tell us why she inspires you
-And lastly we ask that you be innovative with your choice. We all love Lamphear, Alt, Moss and Roitfield but we'd love for you to introduce us to somone new!

The contest will end 10 days from now. Gisela and I will choose the winner based on the submission that bowls us over! The prize will be this lovely silk Versace neckerchief!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Please enjoy and be safe trick o' treating!



Maury and Gisela

Images:, hapsical.blogspot,, tfs, sartorialist,jakandjil,,


  1. The association Leonor "natural GLAMazon" Scherrer / "Pouvoir du Vagin" (I would LOVE to be a consenting prey of it !!!) Truly sounds as such a raunchy rhetorical cocktail, with such a fantastical "Beads of sweat" Power of evocation . . .
    ps: Mmmh Actually These "neo Style icons" tend to inspire me notably because I am writing a "Fashionisto/Sulfurous" tale, full of spectacular surprises . . .
    Hope you're Well Dears.
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Catherine is a fav of mine too. Some see it as a bad thing to over accessorize, or to have too much going on in an outfit, but I love it. I really can't get my head around minimalist fashion, wheres the fun in that? I aspire to be every bit as creative and glamorous as she is.

  3. love miroslava! so young and have done so well for herself.
    just got back from new york and gutted that i did not a a souvenir hood!!!

  4. hey Gisela and Maury,
    Thanks for introducing me to Miroslava Duma. She is refreshingly versatile.
    Hope u had a gd Halloween.
    p.s Is the contest open to readers outside the US?

  5. Leoner, i like how tough she looks, i think "unapologetic" is the perfect word, or dare i say the done to death "fierce." she definitely has this dont mess with me vibe.

  6. THE GIRL with the i love ny shirt and the hood oh soooooo CUTE!!

  7. Cool contest idea! I'm gotta enter haha :)

  8. Leonor has been amazing and more importantly true to her style for as long as forever.
    She rocks!
    gorge scarf girls!

  9. I am in!
    Put my name on it!
    Many kisses :)))

  10. Ooh, fab giveaway! I'll have to think about this and see what I can send you ;-) M. Duma's style is a little enviable, especially at her age. She also has a pretty wicked collection of Balenciaga leather jackets... sigh. Love Scherrer and Baba as well... I have a weakness for the more eclectic. Glad you guys are back in the blogosphere! Missed you!

  11. Hey sweetie, thanks for entering the £50 ASOS voucher giveaway on my blog :)
    I'll definitley be entering this contest - the scarf is just gorgeous! I have so many style icons I could choose from... !
    ♥ Hannah

  12. Wow, great contest. Def. a fan of Miroslava Duma.. she's so gorg and I love her style!
    xo, Becs

  13. Mines are Laigh Lezark and Alexa Chung at the moment :)

  14. toutes ces tenues sont magnifiques ma préférence va à toutes ces chaussures magnifiques..

  15. So nice to study your perfect weblog on the spare time. Your write-up brings me different type of feeling about the literature.


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