Monday, November 2, 2009

Gisela's Giambattista's!

Ever since I saw Mary Kate wear these killer "Victoria" Giambattista Valli platforms (named after Victoria Beckham) to the designer's party in 2008 I immediately needed them in my life! Thank god for Century 21!




I have no idea when I will wear these or even how but dam they look
good! So I figured let me have a lil' fun trying to build an outfit around these at home where it's safe, these shoes are a definite


As seen on the Spring 08 runway


and again in Fall 08!


Here's MK wearing the heck out of them!



This is a snapshot from youtube of supermodel Iman on the set of Project Runway Canada. I styled her for the show last summer and when this famous Giambattista dress (previously worn by Charlize Theron) and Victoria shoes came in the mail I was overwhelmed by the beauty of both!


Blurry pic but I love the side view of the shoes :-)


With my Valli's I wore a Valentino feathered top and H&M skirt, studded collars from Loehmans Dept. store.


Btw, major YSL sample sale in Chelsea last week and I scored these!I purchased extras to sell on ebay too.

YSL Stretch silk panel corset belt: buy it here



Leather hat from Fall 07: buy it here



YSL iPod case. I don't own an iPod but I thought it'd make a cute lil' purse..maybe?? lol


Hope you enjoyed this posting! I haven't posted in a while but I hope to do more updates more often. Thank you all for reading us and we'd love for you to join our contest!! see previous posting :-)


Gisela & Maury

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  1. Hello Maury, Hello Gisela!
    I missed already a post here ;)
    Can´t believe it... I took a look at your blog a few days ago to check if you did a new post ;)
    Woooow... these Valli plateau heels are maybe what you call princess gladiators!So extraordinary beautiful!
    I remember seeing them on MK and when they sold so fast at luisaviaroma. Truly had to smile about your " I have no
    idea when I will wear these" .. Oh yes... I know these moments. ;)
    I so admire your Valentino feather top and the studded collar is simply too cool!!!!
    Wishing you two a joyful day with your families!!!!
    Hugs from.
    me ;)

  2. Mmmmh Actually the black socks strongly emphasize your feet fineries' immaculate "exquisiteness", AND the "Urban Ballet Dancer-esque" skirt sublimates their "Fetish Girly" Soul, on such a Giddy way !!!
    This "Sexy/romantic with a slight cabaret aesthetic twist" outfit is simply Stunning .
    ps: Hope you'e Well Dears.
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. I love the shoes...I'm confident that you'll find a perfect way of rockin them! You have amazing style...and that feather top is to die for - it's amazing! Looking forward to your upcoming posts :)

  4. Hi beautiful ladies,
    How are you? sorry for lack of comment in a while, simply I'm busy.
    Many items that I love here. especially, the YsL hat!!
    Hope you both have a great fab day!!!

  5. Hi! Thanks for the comment in my blog. Love your blog too. I'd like to include you in my blogroll, could you also add my blog in your list? That shoes are amazing. Kiss from Seville.

  6. Oh my God!
    Those shoes are heaven and I do love how you mix it up with the socks...perfection!
    I am so great for you and I do wish a Century 21 around here...hahaha
    Many kisses!

  7. ahhhh!I love your Valentino feathered top!!

  8. Great haul Gisela! I wish there were a C21 near here, but then again... maybe I'm better off without one.. haha. Love the heels and what a fab outfit to go with it. I wonder if it's easy to walk in those? Love your YLS purchases as well!

  9. great post! i love your styling with the Giambattista Valli platforms, valentino top and h&m skirt. mk is such an icon. she wears pieces with such originality.

  10. Congrats with the shoes, they're to die for!! And I love the whole outfit you wore with them. The skirt really looks not like a one from h&m!

  11. if you had a wide leg pair of jeans those shoes would work.
    and wait excuse me, YOU STYLED IMAN??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jealous right now.
    And i wish i had a c21!!!!

  12. Oh my, those shoes are pretty amazing! Also loving the corset!
    x ws x

  13. oh wow, I loved all the GV shoes from Fall 08, so jealous! And you styled Iman....incredible!
    I love love love the feathered Valentino top, so pretty.

  14. OMG, you are a lucky lady! I'd love to have those shoes and that YSL stretch corset belt! I like how you paired the shoes with the black socks.. def. remember MKO wearing those shoes. So Fab!
    xo, Becs

  15. But how do you walk in those? I'd love a vid of you showing tutorial on how to walk in those fine shoes. :D

  16. Great score!! I'm so miffed that I missed the YSL sample sale. Too busy at work :(

  17. beautiful shoes! What a score! I can never find anything at Century 21. If you get the chance, please visit my blog. Thanks! :)

  18. The shoes are soo beautiful! I love the all white, rather than the other colours, I'm sure they will be really versatile x

  19. The shoes are fabulous, and so is your pad! I love the decor. Especially the stack of magazines and coffee table books. J'adore.

  20. that valentino top is gorgeous!!the shoes are freaking fab!

  21. I looooooooooooove your outfit!!!!
    The Giambattista Valli platforms are amazing and your Valentino feathered top is so lovely!

  22. Hey Gisela, I stayed in Dundee with my aunt and uncle. We go at least once a year, have done ever since I was a wee girl! The antiques centre is at Abernyte, and its about 15 mins from Dundee.
    I'd love to enter your competition, but you already wrote about the one lady I idolise! I'll have a think and see if there's anyone else I can put forward, but I just adore Catherine Baba, not many people can top her in my eyes! She is utter perfection

  23. Sooo jealous! Those heels are ferosh. Century 21--yet another reason why I need to move to New York. While I was there I found out there was another Century 21 in Brooklyn. Have you guys been to that one? Is it any good?
    Much love,

  24. Thanks for adding the new information, as well as your analysis. This is why your blog is one of the few I read that I also ever bother to comment on. I don't do it to hear myself talk - I do it because I know you actually listen.

  25. My heart beats her waves at the shore of the world and writes upon it her signature in tears with the words, “I love thee.” Do you like it?

  26. You look fabulous in those heels!


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