Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kelly Wearstler HUE

This past week, I went to ABC Carpet and Home to meet one of my favorite Interior Designers, Kelly Wearstler. You might have seen her as one of the judges of Bravo's "Top Design" with her outlandish outfits or her crazy hairstyles, but this woman to me is a LEGEND. She has an amazing sense of flair and adventure in everything that she me, she has the Midas touch. She transforms the plainest rooms into a work of art. She encourages boldness and a strong sense of risk-taking in her surroundings. She is the mastermind behind the revival of the Hollywood Regency style with her ultra glamorous and eccentric mix of geometric prints, mirrored furniture, and amazing flea market finds. She scours the globe for idiosyncratic pieces that make her rooms like no other! She started KWID Kelly Wearstler Interior Design just at the tender age of 26 and has built it to be one of the most successful Interior Design and Architectural firms in America. She partners up with her husband hotelier and resort developer, Brad Korsen, owner of the Kor Group. 

 Such taste-making hotels as Maison 140, The Viceroy, and Avalon; unique office, retail, and leisure spaces, including BG restaurant and lounge in Manhattan's Bergdorf Goodman; and upscale residences such as the Trousdale Estate have been profiled in House and Garden, House Beautiful, Interior Design, Elle Décor, Vogue, and W. Wearstler is also designer of her own KWID line of furnishings and accessories.



These are some of her amazing pillows she designed for Sferra. It looks like it was inspired by "The Great Wave" by Hokusai! 


Here she is wearing her ALAIA booties from a couple seasons ago. I have the sister pair of these booties which I love love. She has also designed a china collection that will debut this fall, and she is also working on a line of jewelry, scarves, bags, and belts that sound like they’re inspired by her property designs: necklaces made from heavy chains for chandeliers and others decorated with door pulls.

Kelly ring 

Kelly's Accessories 


I love this flower arrangement


I brought HUE and Modern Glamour for her to sign. If you do not own any of her books, please go out and get them. I love and have all 3 of them. When I open her books I can stare at one page for at least 10 minutes to suck in every detail. It's as, I do not want to depart from the page until I inhale and suck in every emotion she wanted me to feel. Her spaces are so whimsical and fantastic that it makes me so enthusiastic about what I want to pursue in my future. Kelly is a workaholic and a perfectionist in everything she does, so it's evident that everything that carries her name would be done meticulously.  



I love how they catered the hor's d oeuvres to the colors of the cover of her latest book HUE. Below are some images of the HUE Book. I love how she juxtaposes color, textures, furniture, finishes, and materials to create a unique and unexpected combination. 


Above, is one of the design rooms at KWID. I am so loving the chandelier and the painting on the background.


I love the painting in the background, I too want to create something like this for my livingroom. This book has inspired me so much as I am renovating and decorating my 3 bedroom apt in NYC. I am not afraid to experiment with color and mix and match them to create something unexpected. 

Reminds me when I start designing and bring our all my markers and coloring pencils to sketch my fashion designs. 

You have no idea, how I feel about the color yellow. I am planning on painting my design studio in a yellow color just like the above one. Yellow is supposed to activate ur creativity more and inspired you to the fullest. I can't wait!

Kelly's closet is to die for!

Look at her collection of jewelry boxes she collects from all over the world. I am so inspired by this picture that I too, want to have a collection of jewelry boxes.

Kelly looking fabulous.

I love this home office with all the different hues of pink and the hand chairs!

Do you really need a dining table with all these different sculptures, apparently Kelly does! Some people don't understand the logic behind it, but I love and appreciate it.

Check out those chairs, OVER the TOP!

Love how she uses all the different colors of marble to create a unique floor.


After meeting Kelly Wearstler, I met up with my sisters at SAZON, a Puerto Rican restaurant in Tribeca to celebrate Lili's and Ash's bday. I wore a Vintage Leopard Jacket, Jbrand Jeans, AA Sexuali Top, and Vintage Glitter boots. Gisela and I have a love for Animal skins so we can't stop wearing them on a daily basis.


Lounge downstairs area at SAZON

Screen shot 2009-12-17 at 12.05.13 AM 

Decor @ SAZON

I love love this chandelier! They had like 20 hanging chandeliers.


Delicious Sangria

Amazing Coconut Mojito 


Pargo Entero con Arroz con Coco/ Red Snapper with Coconut Rice


Camarones al Aljillo/ Garlic Shrimp with Sweet Platains


Ropa Vieja/ Shredded Beef Stew with Rice and beans
 Churrasco/ Skirt Steak with Yuca Fries

My sisters Ash, Lili and Madelyn


Happy Bday Ashley(now 17) and Lili(now 19)


Tres Leche 

Details of my jewelry and Mesh vintage bag.

I hope you enjoyed by posting on Kelly Wearstler and check back next time. Gisela and I have a full week of events to attend so we will share pics with you very soon. 





  1. Beautiful pics! I want that closet and your leopard print coat!

  2. Her work & style are amazing! You and your sisters look beautiful - looks like you all had an amazing time :) Have a great weekend, can't wait to read all about the new adventures...

  3. Oh--all so fabulous!! Wish I could have been there!!! Thanks for sharing this...

  4. Love your blog. Was wondering if you guys could check out my blog @ Thanks I'm feeling leapord too.:)

  5. darling what great inspiring interior design.your coat is fab!
    big kiss honey

  6. Happy birthday to your sisters! You all look beautiful. :)

  7. funny ive had a picture of kelly in my inspiration binder for yrs, and ive had that picture since years before her TV days. i had secretly ripped it out of one of my mom's interior design magazines. (funny enough that despite my moms collection of architectural digest dating back decades, she has not even horrible but ZERO taste)
    anywho, that dining table, some of her tables, there's just too much STUFF there, how can you eat or carry on a conversation with all those massive pieces in the way. it just looks like storage. like when you go into an antique shop or something.
    love the tile work in that restaurant.


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