Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lil' Man's 1st Stylish Bday!

I've never thrown a party before..I just attend them, lool. So after much preparation and lots of work, we finally had my lil' man's first bday! Everything went according to plan for the most part which was a blessing. His daddy flew back from Australia just in time to change into Spongebob-colored gear, lool. It's freaky how it matched the theme to a tee. I pretty much keep tabs on his  wardrobe too and I have no idea how this tee shirt got past me..

Gisela, Jacob, Abe and Spongebob!


Spongebob's nose was just too tempting for baby!



I tried to come up with a tasteful, non-cheesy decor and I think I did pretty good. The flowers added such a nice touch. I had hydrangeas, lilies, carnations, poinsettias and even some pine! My aunt Dulce and my sister Bianca put the finishing touches below..


I found these cute lil' striped "J" napkins at Marshall's Home goods for $1 a pack, how quaint! And although I'm quite loyal to Votivo's Red Currant, I couldn't pass up the great deal Bath & Body Works had on Slatkin & Co. candles! I bought 3 of their best smelling ones for $20: Pineapple Orchid, Midnight Pomegranate and an old fave of mine Vanilla Sugar..The apt smelled delicious :-)

We had the cake made by one of your close friends who actually runs a bakery out of her home. She baked the cake with dulce de leche and guava filling... yummm. We asked her for a plain yellow cake and my youngest sister Bianca designed the face! How awesome it turned out!!


Btw, I am totally infatuated with antique chairs! I bought this chair a few years ago from someone on craigslist. It's been sitting at my mom's house forever, it was a mahogany wood and I wanted to jazz it up so the day before I found some gold acrylic paint in my storage and voila! This chair became our lil' throne :-))


I'm not lying when I tell you I spent 95% of the time fixing his messed up bow-tie, I just couldn't get it straight! Baby wears BabyGap oxford shirt, Janie& Jack plaid pants, silk polka dot bow tie from Century 21, red suspenders from ebay and camouflage sneakers from Payless..Baby loves mixin' hi and lo just like mommy!


For a split second I got it right, LOL. I'm looking at this picture and although my inspiration was Lapo Elkann, baby ended up looking more like Mr. Furley..Lol!


My sister-in-laws used fabric to wrap his gifts, I loved the idea so much!!

There were wrapped in plaid fabric..

Maury and I snapped a quick pic before she eyes are shut (argh!) Maury looked rockin' in a thrifted silk, studded top, f21 latex leggings and thigh high Manolo Blahnik suede boots. I'm wearing Rachel Roy silk jersey dress, grosgrain lilac belt with silver detail purchased in Buenos Aires and Nicholas Kirkwoods, rings by Kenneth Jay Lane and nOir.


Whew! So glad it's over! Now it's Maury's turn to suffer! lol..She'll be hosting her housewarming party in just a few weeks!


Gisela & Maury


  1. Looks like the baby had a magnificent first birthday! I love Spongebob so much so that cake is just too awesome. You have a beautiful home and family.

  2. I love the outfits you both decided to wear...
    The Kirkwoods on Gisela were really hot!
    Maury I loved the entire outfit! (especially the socks!)
    Glad my gift made it on the blog!
    Cant wait for more posts!

  3. You all look great, especially baby Jacob with his little bow tie!

  4. Gisela you look like a goddess! Your little man is such a cutie, and I love the chair!

  5. Your son and that Don Knotts photo made me lose it just now. That was funny! Happy birthday lil man.

  6. loving babys bow tie! happy belated birthday to him!

  7. You looked gorgeous! Hope your little man had a great time, looks like a wonderful party
    big kiss

  8. Those J napkins scream classy and fun. And your little boy is the cutest!

  9. What a perfect dress! You're such a beautiful mom and the little man is so charming ^^
    Really dig the cake too, Spongebob rules! A really perfect first party.

  10. Looks like the baby had a magnificent first birthday!

  11. Aww, he looks so cute!
    Using fabric instead of paper is a wonderful idea. The person receiving the gift would probably be less inclined to throw it out and more likely to use it again.


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