Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alexander Wang: Coco vs. Rocco

Just discovered Satine.com this weekend and couldn't believe the amazing selections they have! Fortunately for me they had both the Alexander Wang Black Rocco Mini Duffel and Suede Camel Coco Duffel on sale! I got both because I could not decide which one suits me best. The other I will sell on ebay. 

I get confused I mean what's the difference really between the Coco and the Rocco and some sites include the word Mini in there for both and some don't and then some vary in prices but the measurements are the same and sometimes they are an inch or 2 off. It's quite confusing but I just read this on the purseblog forum, not sure if this helps me:

"The Coco is named because of the brass studded bottom, and the designs that feature different studded colors of this new iconic Alexander Wang are named the Rocco. Actually, the name Coco seems to no longer be used for legal reasons (we are trying to find more information). Alexander Wang has made more than a name for himself with the Coco and Rocco Duffel bags. The bags have been on everyone’s radar, hard for people to find and hard for those that find them to pass up. Part of the joy of these bags is the seemingly affordable price for a pebbled leather bag with an edgy underside."

Anyway, I welcome your advice.. Please help me decide.. lool!

Which should I keep????!! Here are my pros and cons...

Black Rocco Mini Duffel

I love this bag because its black and its leather! It's a new style too with the black studs but they don't pop as much as the gold brass studded version. Still, its a practical color, I can throw it around and you won't detect dirt, lol. That goes a long way since I have an active lil boy now. I haven't seen anyone toting this style, so if you guys come across a pic, let me know! Dimensions are 9" height 13" length. Its 3 inches shorter than the suede Coco.




Camel Coco Mini Duffel:

I think this bag is from the Resort 2010 collection. I love that it's not black and its an earth tone which I've always loved. I especially love that it has silver brass studs. This is the suede camel version of the black Coco from the FW09 collection. Not sure if I dig the suede material, and the fact that is a light color, you may detect dirt on it quicker. Dimensions are 12" height 13" length. This bag is 3 inches taller than the newer Rocco, that's a plus for me.





Here's SJP with the gray suede version:


Nicky Hilton with the gray leather version.




The folks over at Satine take great care of their customers! I say this for two reasons.. I placed 2 separate orders and they were kind enough to refund me one of the shipping costs without me saying anything and secondly, they sent me an email to let me know what new merch they just got in and they offered a 10% discount on top of that! They sent a pic of the Spring Isabel Marant fur vest that I'd die for but cant' afford it, boo hoo.. it's so lovely!!


Check out the stylish Barbara Martelo wearing the coat version! How chic!




  images: TFS, Net-a-porter, Jakjil, pursblog, stylrumer.com, satine.com


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous, so feminine and dreamy. What a classic look!

  2. I vote for the earth tone version. Not too crazy about the jacket lookalike though.

  3. I say go for the Camel suede. The color is perfect for spring and the fact that is is roomier is always a plus ;)

  4. Oh, I want gray now - those little studs are so unexpected and wonderful!

  5. Hey Gisela,
    Give Jake a kiss for me..Actually smother him in kisses for me...
    Keep the Camel suede and give me the black one....hahahahahahaha
    Peace out

  6. I normally choose handbags that have a long strap (13-20in drop) just because I like being able to sling it on my shoulder........but i think the black is just more practical because suede stains easily and im a sucker for good quality leather lol

  7. I prefer the gray too! So classy and chic for me. Love it!

  8. Chanel is pretty on top of anyone using the Coco name, it's pretty crazy!
    I'd go for the tan suede, that color isn't very common to find. Plus with having a kid, I'd think it would be more practical to have a bag with a longer strap that could go on the shoulder at least. So I think since this bag doesn't have that feature, might as well go ahead with the fun color! Just spray it with a suede protector and you're good to go!

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