Monday, April 5, 2010

Visiting Maison Bisono

This weekend my best friend and partner in fashion/interior crime, no-other than the fabulous GISELA came to visit me in my apt. It was Gisela's day off from baby and hubby so we always try to do something outdoors, but this time we laid low and stay indoors. I had a million and one things to do this weekend and she was helping me. I was working on some decorating projects for some clients and I was showing her some of my ideas for my future blog- MAISON BISONO. I will be starting a new blog that covers everything about Interior Design and my journey pursuing a career in Interiors. I will keep you guys posted so you guys can visit. 

Below is Gisela in my living room area reading the now folded Domino Mag and some other books I was perusing for ideas for my interior design clients. Gisela, I hope you had a great time in my apt, and I am sorry for dragging you to help me do my I can't wait to entertain you again. Love ya!!!


Gisela is wearing Zara Jacket, Alexander Wang Tee, F21 ripped white jeans and Louboutin flats.

Here are Gisela's amazing Louboutin studded gold flat shoes that she finds extremely comfortable...they are just so lovely!

You can see her new Alexander Wang camel suede Coco Duffel (which she decided to keep over the black one) hanging from my mirrored obelisk. I was loving it and is def. a great bag!


IMG_0554 IMG_0555 

I made some garlic shrimp pasta with roasted red peppers sauce for Gisela. We had a little bit of wine with it which was delicious.

Hope you liked some glimpse of my Maison Bisono. We will def. share a lot more pics soon with you all.


Maury and Gisela


  1. Yum. The pasta looks so good!! And the taupe suede duffel was definitely a good choice.. very uncommon mix with the silver hardware.

  2. I love your zebra shrug, something I want to have later too.
    This Loub's are so amazing!

  3. I voted to keep the camel! Yah! Great bag! I really love your decor! The zebra rug + lucite table + gold gilded mirror is excellent, very chic and luxe. I like when you do interior posts because it's something I'm developing an interest in "dressing my nest." I'm excited to see the new blog.

  4. I had a great time Maury! I want to move in with you! Can't wait til you show us more pics and details of your apt! You're such an inspiration to me! luv ya!

  5. Gisela made a great choice with the earth tone bag over the black one ---- probably based on my recommendation (lol).
    That shrimp and pasta dish looked scrumptuous. You didn't tell me you had culinary skills as well. Decorating, design, beautiful. Is there anything you can't do?

  6. That shrimps pasta looked delicious!
    Gisela you look so darn good as always!
    Happy Tuesday to you and Maury :-)

  7. I love the fact that you have french doors that lead to the bedroom...the apt has lots of character!
    My favorite piece is the high back chair you have, and what an intresting color!


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