Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Holla Back Girls

This past weekend we went to celebrate my sister's Madelyn's bday at one of our favorite restaurants in the upper west side, PIO PIO. We didn't really have time to capture pics of Gisela and I but I managed to score some pretty cool ones of Gisela walking away from the restaurant.


Gisela is wearing Neil Barrett Leather Jacket with studds, Balmain Pants, Guiseppe Zanotti for Balmain Buckle boots, and Shreadded DIY white tee from Ebay and Goyard Bag. Gisela, I love this outfit so much, you did an amaing job finding that Neil Jacket and amazing Balmain boots!





Sorry, I didn't include more pics of me, we were running from one event to the next so there was no real time to really pose and check outfit details. I am wearing wearing Rabbit Hair Vintage Cropped Jacket, Rachel Roy Silk Top, F21 Latex Pants, and Le Silla Studded Pumps.

A candid of Gisela and my lil Bro Isaac at Pio Pio. The Sangria is amazing at Pio Pio and my lil bro had sneaked some tasty fruits from my sisters glass. I had to give him a lesson on drinking and taking people's drinks. 

Have a wonderful day.


Maury and Gisela


  1. OMG, this makes me miss the those NY nights!!
    Where do I begin?!?!?!?! Maury, what a lady! I love the whole sweet flowing shirt, naughty latex leggings, and dominatrix heels!!!! Sweet and killer sexy. That combo is perfect to knock a guy/girl off his feet!
    Gisela, your effortless cool is better than anyone who works at VOGUE!!! LOL. Kate L., eat your heart out!
    Love it! (and miss it)

  2. I always love your rings! More photos of bling please ;)

  3. Given how bad we looked at trial, do we even want to appeal the Witt case? If we don't appeal Witt, though, have we in effect conceded the whole ball game? Will a lame duck session pull our butts out of the fire? This is really no fun.


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