Friday, October 8, 2010

The Selby & CB2 Contest- Judging in Progress

It's 3.00 A.M. NYC time and I still can't seem to go to sleep when I have a long day ahead of myself tomorrow. I am taking a week off from work to dedicate my time to some amazing projects for my personal career. It seems like I have endless long nights where I find myself overly enthusiastic about decorating and pursing my love for interiors and fashion that I have become a so called "Design Zombie." Words can't even explain the craziness that goes inside my head and all the things I want to share with this world.  I found myself thinking about The Selby & CB2 Contest I entered and made it to the finals. I decided to check their CB2 Facebook page and see if there were any updates.  I saw they included 3 pics of what's going on in the meetings.  I wanted to share with you guys and I can't wait for the end of October so I can see who they pick.  Please check the contest and let me know what you think of some of the other entries or of my mine.  


I wonder what they are saying about my entry...just thinking about it makes me want to bite my nails...LOL.


Somewhere in that wall my entry is hanging waiting to be picked as one of the winners.


Here is one of the judges showing us the 4 elements that are needed to choose a winner. She was so discrete and hid the elements...jajaja. This is what the Facebook page said about the pictures.

CB2 We have a tough job ahead—choosing the winners for "The Selby is in your place" contest. Here's a preview of the task in progress. To view the top 50 finalists, visit the site and don't forget to check back in late October when we'll announce the winners!

Well I am going to head to bed and hopefully I will be dreaming of winning this contest and eventually wake up later this month and get an email or call that I was the winner.  Wish me luck and have a wonderful weekend. BTW, I am starting to twitter, so please follow us. I will be opening a Facebook page for us as well. 

In the meantime, you guys should get The Selby book in case you guys don't have it.  Both Gisela and I have bought it and we love it.




  1. Awww good luck! The pictures of your apartment are so fabulous!

  2. The other finalists are amazing, however, your space is undeniably CHIC yet still appears warm and homey. I love how your space looks as though you can kick back and relax, where as, some of those spaces look like model homes. Don't get me wrong, they're all awesome but I favor yours ;). ...and Im def. gonna check out The Selby Book!
    Good luck again!

  3. Sending positive winning vibes your way....
    You got skills woman!


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