Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So I bought this Vintage fur coat sometime last year and I have yet to wear it outside.  One day Gisela and Yen were at my place and we were just trying on a lot of my outerwear as we were going to a restaurant that night. Gisela is crazy about animal skins and I love them too, but I can't get myself to wear them in the Streets.  Gisela wanted me to really wear this coat and in this picture I think I am telling her that the coat it's too bulky and big and I feel like  a real bear. We were arguing the whole time about this coat and her take was that I should and must start wearing it or else she is going to start wearing it, of course I was "Sure start wearing it then."  Anyways, the whole point is that I am not 100% comfortable about it and I need to get use to it because I think is an amazing coat.  Are you guys free and comfortable to wear fur as easy as Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld?  I guess I need to grow some guts to take this baby outside and show the world the fabulosity of it.  Maybe Paris would take a glimpse of it...don't know yet.



Maury and Gisela


  1. If you bought it, you should wear. Otherwise it's just useless, I guess.
    You look good with it, but I get your hesitation.

  2. I love the coat! It's so over the top in a good way! Fab! Rockit and own it! xoxo

  3. Well doll u already did the deed by purchasing it so you might as well wear it....its def fab!!!!


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