Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obsessed: Maxi Black Skirts!

It's scary when I get obsessed like this! lol.. I've been on the hunt for the perfect, classic maxi black skirt....Something with weight and one that flatters, conceals and doesn't require SPANX. I didn't think it'd be so tough! 

Any suggestions where I can find a gem? LNA maybe? or American Apparel?? 


This is a Blumarine skirt I purchased a couple of weeks ago from the Runway Collection at TJ MAXX. Not sure if I love it yet because I can't wear it without Spanx! grrr..Dam the holidays! lol

PS sorry for the bad quality, just a quick snapshot..



Gisela & Maury


images: streetpeeper


  1. The one you have is beautiful, so is the blouse. Sometimes TJ Maxx can surprise you with what you find there! I would check Forever 21. Most of my maxi dresses are from there. There was one I bought 2 of a couple of years ago, and I cut the top off it to have it as a skirt. (it had a banding at the waist, which makes it stay up).

  2. I found a rick owen silk chiffon today, but is a little see through like the first image u have. It was at CORBO 119 in Yorkville. It went on sale for 395 i think. more then 300 but less then 400. I didn't get it cause of the price. It true Forever 21 has them, but they are jersey so that's why i didn't mention it when i was there. However, there was one that was not...u might want to check it out, but it was 2 months ago in canada when they had them. I hesitated getting it because it might be polyester, and i am not a big fan of polyester or is extremely picky about poly and synthetic pieces. Also, u guys have TOP SHOP, try there. I am going to go to The Bay, and The Room at some point, so i'll keep a look out : )

  3. I got 2 great maxi skirts at Forever 21! Check there :)

  4. Ah love this look! You look fantastic!! Must duplicate myself.

  5. Just came across your blog. You girls are amazing. I am subscribing as I speak. Fan from Paris.

  6. LOVE MAXI DRESSES! Easy breezy!
    Dillard's has some good ones...I think Dillard's is a west coast thing?


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