Monday, January 24, 2011

Lauren Santo Domingo's Rustic Apt

I am pretty sure most of you have seen Lauren Santo Domingo's Chic Manhattan Apt.  She has a series Apt with LSD on  I personally love some of the pieces she has collected throughout the years of her travels.  Lauren is an editor at Vogue and is coming out with her new e-commerce trunk show venture called "Moda Operandi" You can read more about it in this article that WSJ published last month. I am sure is going to cause a crazy following like  Anyways, I did enjoy taking a peak of her apt.



Lauren_santo_domingo_vogue Loving the Cole & Son Hick's Hexagon Wallpaper.

Living room 2-1

Loving this Willy Rizzo Sunken Coffee Table.

Living main-1

Loving the mushroom chair and the Jiraffe Skull!

Office space

How chic for her to use her office  and convert it into a closet as well!


Her jewelry collection is absolutely fabulous!


This Hippo bar by Lalanne must be my favorite piece in her whole apartment.

Hope you guys are having a beautiful cozy Monday as it's freezing in NYC.


Maury and Gisela


  1. Wow! What a cozy place to live in! And that blue striped carpet is very interesting. It’s lifted the atmosphere in the room. And I wonder what cleaning process they do to clean that shelf with a lot of small toys? That Hipo is also my fave! Amazing, right? I wish I could have that too here in my apartment in Indianapolis.

  2. This images are briliant. It clearly tells us lot of historical details.
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