Thursday, January 20, 2011

Python Perfection

A couple months ago I gave myself these beautiful Lanvin Gold Python Stilettos for my bday. Gisela and I were shopping at Barneys and when I saw these, my mouth dropped.  They are a very simple pair of shoes, but since I am an exotic skin lover I had to get them.  I really love the ombre lucite with steel heel.  I wore them for fashion week, but didn't take pictures of the outfit! I can't wait for this winter to be over so I can strut all my new heels. 

 IMG_2400 IMG_2403 IMG_2417 IMG_2409

One of my favorite NY apartments belongs to Tamara Mellon, CEO of Jimmy Choo.  I am so in love with her Guido Mocafico Snake Photographs that are so rich in color and texture. Since we are in the subject of Python and snakes I had to share it with you guys if you haven't seen it on the Harpers Bazzar issue featuring her apartment in " A Fashionable Life"


Here are some of my favorite Guido Mocafico's snake photographs! I would love to buy some and put them in my apartment. I actually have nothing hung on my walls because I want to start collecting slowly and then put everything together. 

KnownFrenchphotographerGuidoMocaficoandsnakes_021 KnownFrenchphotographerGuidoMocaficoandsnakes_051


Maury and Gisela



  1. I remember seeing a Fashion File feature on her years ago about how her closet is organized (and that is just her seasonal closet, she mentioned she had an archive closet too). She even had a catalog of her items, so that if she's traveling she can call her assistant and she would know what piece to send out.
    The snake photographs are pretty cool too. I like the black ones especially.

  2. i like the shoe but not so fond of the ankle strap!

  3. sweet birthday present.....
    cant wait to see what you decide to put up....not feelin the snakes...
    Loved the old boombox Lauren had in the apartment.


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