Friday, April 29, 2011

Demure like Grace Kelly

I know you guys probably have all been up for hours witnessing this very special day in history. I was trying to stay up and felt asleep but then woke up and rewinded the whole ceremony and absolutely loved it. Catherine Middleton's vintage-inspired v-neck ivory gown by Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton featured long, lace sleeves and a sweetheart style bodice. The bodice, skirt and underskirt were constructed out of French Chantilly and English Cluny lace while the skirt was a luxe ivory and white satin gazer. I was telling Gisela that I doubt it was going to be Vivienne Westwood but Sarah Burton for McQueen the one designing her gown.  I couldn't be more please at it was absolutely perfection "a la Grace Kelly" 





    I was waiting for the third kiss...but 2 of them was good enough! What a lucky gal, I must say.  

We couldn't forget about David and Victoria Beckham! Eye candy, at its best!


Look at the resemblance of Grace Kelly's wedding dress.  

1965-04-19--SideView Prince-rainier-and-grace-kelly


Maury and Gisela



  1. I would have to say Grace Kelly's wedding attire has more of a presence, she's absolutely amazing.
    Either the media is BORING, or no one has called her out on how boring the dress look.
    Granted Kate looks beautiful on her wedding day, but her wedding attire just didn't excite me...or maybe is just her as a person,
    I feel she is boring, and not the dress...Pippa on the other hand, makes a presence in her little bridesmaids dress. Truly I believe fashion
    run deep in a person's blood, and not just on the surface of what u put on...some people can be in a T-shirt and just look stunning.
    I made up my's not the dress, I just don't find/look at Kate as a "Fashion Icon"...and I don't think she is trying to be...but i think the media is trying to make her into one and force her into that title. Take Victoria for instance, simple black boat neck, but the presence and her personality shows through with those 7inch heels, even though is black, and the hat very current, and not doubty or aged looking. Nothing personal towards Kate, but just stating the fact. xx

  2. I side with Yen. Don't get me wrong, she's a pretty girl, it's a pretty dress, but it is not memorable or "MCQUEEN!!!!" Anyone could have done that dress. Actually I find the bridesmaid's dress in the background more identifiable as a McQueen and more interesting looking. And like Yen said Grace Kelly has an unmistakable presence that can be felt even in pictures, where she has a more "girl next door quality" which is a nice way of saying "average." Not saying that's bad because she is a pretty girl, but there is a difference between seeing someone like Angelina Jolie vs Miley Cyrus walking down the street.
    But also I'm American, I don't care about this wedding or royalty in general.

  3. I think it was a beautiful day with a beautiful bride and groom.
    Beat's the tragedy and misery going on in this world.

  4. It was such a joyous occasion for us Brits nice to see everyone else felt the same way. Plus I have thoroughly enjoyed the extra bank holidays :)

  5. I'd rather choose grace kelly's wedding dress. It's more beautiful that kate's wedding dress.

  6. What a great article... such a wonderful cause and i love the suit! What a super beautiful pair. I like it so much. Dressing is also better. Thanks for sharing this post so much.

  7. Amazing enough!I really like that your post here!

  8. they look so beautiful 2gether don't you think ?

  9. I missed in TV this wedding but pictures looks so beautiful


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