Thursday, April 28, 2011

Early Mother's Day!

An early Mother's Day Gift! My wonderful and creative sister in law Nargis invited us to spend a couple of days at her relaxing abode in Long Island and it was the best! Sometimes I feel guilty that I get so pampered when I'm pregnant, but oh well. lool!! Here I am on a hammock with my lil' cute!!

As my pregnancy uniform, I've adopted all that is black and lycra! Hence the American Apparel top and Scoop harem pants..but gosh, my boobs are huge! lool

Jake kiss mami

Auntie Nargis and I decided to give him a lil' mullet. She handled the scissors while I distracted him with cartoons and voila! 
Jake kiss mami


Gisela& Maury


  1. Es precioso el nene, que cabellera. Much bless and enjoy the fruits before labor.

  2. You are so spoiled, your little man loves you and take care of you, the pictures show us. I wish I am in a hammock too somewhere on island and a fresh cocktail :D


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