Wednesday, July 27, 2011

White & Gold Decor!!


My baby shower is this weekend! Good luck trying to surprise me, lol! Sorry, my family can't keep me in the dark, especially when I like to have a hands-on approach to things..So I chose the "White & Gold" color theme...initially I wanted "black and white" but my mom thought it was a bit too harsh for the I obviously disagreed but  we found a common ground, hurray!

Throughouth my apt there's tons of white and gold pieces that inspire me everyday! you've probably seen them already but here's a reminder :-)

Below, my favorite chandelier in brass and italian crystal.. 


Another fave of mine, I spray painted the chair gold when I lived in Toronto and it became the perfect vanity chair!


Displaying my most favorite outerwear, Alexander Wang fox and leather jacket. It hangs from the french doors of my bedroom.


I've since changed my mantle setting but I did enjoy how beautiful my sunburst gold mirror looked above the prinstine white fireplace mantle..

Can't wait to share my baby shower pics this weekend :-)




  1. Your APT is so elegant and gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE what you've done with the horns, esp. using them as "flames." I have one horn that just sits haphazardly on my nightstand. Enjoy your baby shower!

  2. Hi! I just discovered your blog because of a work project that centered around shoes and I have to say that it's fabulous! Your photos are amazing! I bet you'll have one of those impossibly cool baby showers.


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