Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ebay Louis Vuitton Backpack & More!

 Hey guys! I'm still very pregnant and frustrated!! I'm' due Aug.24th but I can go any minute now! So to cure by "pre-Baby Blues" I decided to get some retail therapy via ebay. I'd actually go out shopping but I'd need a tow truck to get out of the house at this point!

So here is my story today: since getting rid of my LV speedy 35" monogram bag last year, which I had owned for over a decade, I've been wanting to fill the LV void in my closet..Although I'm not a huge fan of collecting handbags (I tend to lose stuff when I change bags) I do make it a point of having one of each of what I consider the "classics." So along with my Goyard shopper, Chanel 2.55, Alexander Wang Coco duffel and Longchamp messenger bag, I have now added 1 more classics to my mini collection:


LV Monogram Backpack GM


Yes, I definitely have backpack fever! Check out model Daisy Lowe with her LV backpack..

No one rocks a backpack better than Kanye! Check out his custom-made lizard backpak in the 2nd pic, TD4!



Backpack fever is sure in effect..Even the Olsen's are trying to profit: The Row $39,000 Croc backpack! Holy crap!


While I was at it, I decided to bid on this super cute Chanel mini bag..I do love my large 2.55 but sometimes I find it overwhelming.. I figure this lil' one would be practical enough to throw on at anytime...

Love how Taylor rocks her mini!

Mini bag 6

...and Leighton's lil' Chanel is just too cute for words!


Maury's always raved about the Chloe parfum and she recently bought it for her mom as a mom's day gift. We witnessed how delish it smelled everytime we attended a fashion event, seems to be the models' #1 choice...Although I'm loyal to Lancome's Tresor, which is the perfect autumn/winter smell for me, I couldn't help but find a spring/summer scent, so I decided to give Chloe a try!


 And lastly, had to replace my broken wishbone pendant that I bought a few months ago in Brazil..Here's Nicole rockin' a wishbone necklace with her babies Harlow and Sparrow :-)


Can't wait for all my packages to come in the mail! Maybe subconsciously what I really want is for my "real packages" to come already!! Issac and Camila!!! I'm so anxious to receive them!

Thank you all for reading my rant, being pregnant is sometimes cool and sometimes not but I'm glad shopping keeps me positive ;-)))



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  1. how could Olsen charge $39,000 for a backpack?! It's not classic bag and neither estabilished brand, the backpack trend is going to dissapear, it's not worth investing.


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