Monday, March 12, 2012

I Need A Letterman in My Life!

This past winter I called all the Gaps in the city looking for this letterman jacket for my lil' boy in his size. I finally found a store that carried it and had it shipped asap..and just in time for the varsity jacket craze!

Now my lil' man has inspired me to buy one too but I find that it a tricky purchase..passing fad or timeless piece?? hmm


Hoping my peeps at Rachel Roy will help me aquire this sold out Rachel Roy/Amare Stoudamire letterman jacket. And do you know that I actually tried it on and turned it down because I thought it was too expensive ($189)?? Now I'm kicking myself in the butt for that.






  1. they come in and out of style. if you like it why not? I prefer a bomber style jacket--which is basically a letterman jacket without all the "stuff" on it. Lil Man is adorable!!

  2. UH! Your little man is breathtaking! I would love to track one of those jackets for my nephew, they seem to be the same age! That Rachel Roy jacket is cool, I'd totally be kicking myself if I passed that up too. Did you check Ebay?


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