Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 Instagram is so dope! ..Its my mini-fashion-bible! Perfect way to keep my finger on the pulse, especially being a mom on the go. Literally, I can change diapers and instagram simutaneously, its that accessible! lool! (jk)

    Back to biz..last night I posted about my inspiration for the enchanting holiday party next week. Although I have in my possession key components for that fur/maxi dress look.. I totally got sold on this pair of gold sequined leggings from !!!!

Feeling like a rock star goddess in these bad boys!! H&M belt.



Inspiration: Loving model Jessica Hart in her Isabel Marant fur and pants! You best believe mama's gonna dig for that Topshop black monkey fur and strap on those Isabel Marant Gava's for a night when I get back to NY :-D

ThestylemanifestGold sequin leggings it is for the partay! and perhaps I will accessorize with this colorful, pop-art, Phillip Lim-inspired, "Zap" clutch from???? You guessed it! Internacionale..on sale ;-) 


.......Recessionista in the making :-D


good night everyone,




credit: candace lake 

(wacky instagram shot above: Jake)



  1. People focus on holiday tops/dresses so its nice to for pants to get their due! And ones we can recycle for New Years?

  2. LOVE those sequin trousers. Stunning full impact.


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