Thursday, December 6, 2012

Training Day

Been seeing plenty of stylish girls sporting trainers 'round here (UK :-) Can't say I own a pair of athletic sneakers and if I do, they're a pair of Champions, circa 2005, brand new...does anyone really own a pair?? lol.. revamping this brand would be such a cool challege, especially after seeing this..

The winter issue of Company Magazine's "Street Style" edition has an edgy/quirky editorial featuring trainers...

The inpsirational images below have made sneaker buying not only fun but quite liberating..a trend that's comfortable, practical and affordable?? I'm down like a clown.

Camille over the rainbow
Camille over the rainbow
Camille over the rainbow

Here's a shot by of Coppenhagen's Another Nue window..dope..


..lest not we forget, and be thankful for the pioneering efforts of Wonderland fashion editor, Julia-Sarr Jamois, for being one of the first to break the high heeled barriers of fashion :-)


..I've searched central Edinburgh for them to no avail..I guess online purchase is the last resort, wish me luck!!

good night! Gisela


credits: jackie dixon, afterdrk, caroline's mode, camille over the rainbow, trends for the masses, hunter2k, teacup boutique london


  1. YAYAYAYYAYAA!!! Sneakers are IN!!!

  2. I can't take my sneakers off either...I wear them everywhere. I buy atleast one every month and is mostly cause I work out a lot at Equinox...but my favorites are the New Balance, Asics and soon will get a pair of Newtons because they make them in these cool bright neon colors and are specially designed for long distant runners! I love these pics of these cool girls!


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