Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Zgallerie going out of business sale"

So Gisela was in Soho running around shopping for one of her celebrity clients when she saw a sign at one of our favorite not so overly priced furniture stores, Zgallerie! Everything was 60% at the beginning of the week and towards the end it was 80%, I can't even imagine what it was the last day. Gals, this past Saturday March 14th was the last day so if you missed it you can still buy these items at the Zgallerie website. It was a serious madhouse that reminded us of the Barneys Warehouse Sale.  We managed to grab some cute things for our future apartments since Gisela and I are both apartment hunting. My sister Madelyn joined me on the hunt as I am helping her decorate her pad. I know we are talking about fashion in our blog, but Interior Design is one of our other passions and we are def. going to tell you a lot more of the things we love and inspire us.


Madelyn managed to grab this bed before me. "I am so jealous Madelyn!  You better let me sleep there a couple times."  She got this amazing tufted bed for less than $800! Now that is a steal Madelyn, you are learning from your big sis :) If you are interested in buying this Victorian Bed  you can still purchase it online.


Gisela bought these Faux Croc Biscayned side tables which are normally used to serve drinks but Gisela is getting creative and might use them as either end tables for her livingroom or side tables for her bedroom. She got a pair of the Ivory colored ones. They are going to look lovely wherever she chooses to place them.

Umbrella holder 

Gisela and I got one of these Marcello Umbrella holders to store our designer umbrellas. I have this amazing hearts Moschino Umbrella which would look great in this stylish faux croc studded umbrella holder. This is some serious bling bling to embellish our entraces.

Twig lamp 

I bought 2 of these Twig Lamps for either my living room or my bedroom. I am not crazy about the twig brown resin base, so I might paint them in a white or black laquer to compliment my other furniture.


I also bought 2 of these Serengeti Faux-Leather Cubes with snakeskin pattern for storage and to provide more seating in my livingroom. Since I am planning of having soiree's all the time with friends and family I would want to provide as much seating as I can. At the same time I am always in the look out for finding funtional pieces that can be used for different purposes. We live in NYC afterall where space is limited :(


So I am infacturated with anything relating to the Ocean and I am not even a water sign. I am a Virgo and I am considered a grounded earth sign, but when it comes to sea creatures and corals and anything related to Marine life I can be considered a big big fan. I got this Amazing Faux Coral piece which looks so real! I saw many while vacationing last summer at the Mayan Riviera and wow do they look alike.  

There were so many more pieces of furniture and accesories we got, but just wanted to show you a few of our favorites. We have so much to post and will be busy showing you all the great things we have gotten this past week.

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