Wednesday, April 8, 2009


For nasty nail bitters like myself, I found the perfect solution for our problem gals!  After years having one of the worst habits in the world and searching endlessly for the perfect product, I had given up! Don't blame me...I have tried a million and one things and the habit continues. My mom would go to our homeland, the Dominican Republic and bring all these products that they sell over there to stop girls from eating their nails, you name it, I tried it! Well sorry mom, Bijules is my new solution. This solution will not only stop me from eating my nails, but also give a punch to whatever outfit I am wearing. Bijules NYC  has created the ultimate accessory for me: these nail like jewelry to embellish my fingertips. OMG, can I say WHOA I am dying to get a couple and just walk around disguising my short brittle nails...(they are not that bad anymore since I started getting manicures atleast every 2 weeks)...but a girl can still go on and embellish those fingertips with these awesome snake bling bling jewels! They are adjustable to any fingertip so girls you don't have to go crazy and figure out what size you are.  What a clever idea bijules! BTW, this is Maurenice with the nail bitting problem, Gisela would kill me if people thought it was her, but I am not ashamed I have a problem and if there was a Nail Bitting Rehab center I would be one of the first one on the waiting list.

This 4 year jewelry line is created by Jules Kim who has gotten great coverage in magazines like Numero, Vogue Italia, Nylon, Elle, and WWD to name a few.


Nicole Richie in Black Book Magazine April 2009 wearing my latest obsession. I love everything about this picture and I think all the jewelry ROCKS! Loving the bubble gum lipstick too...yummy!


These gold snake rings are 14k gold and I can adjust them to use in any of my fingernails. They cost $166 each. We love everything snake related too.


I know I won't be able to bite my pinky nail wearing this one!

Images courtesy of Bijulesnyc


  1. Woooo. That's nails protector looks fun. I need to get myself some :). BTW I just added you in my blogroll. You guys have a great blog out there.
    Nini Nguyen

  2. about those boots that olga sherer was wearing that you were asking about on jak & jil's blog, they're from SOPHIA KOKOSLAKI :)
    just wanted to let you know!


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