Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emanuelle Alt-THAT!

We wanted to continue our tribute to the most awe-inspiring and trend-setting Fashion Editors of our generation. Today we're featuring the incandescent Emanuelle Alt, Fashion Director for Vogue Paris. Like Ms. Lanphear, Emanuelle's style is copied by a slew of fashionista world-wide. Her style is strictly rock n' roll with a touch of masculinity. Notice how both Kate and Emanuelle can always be found au-naturel, no makeup and effortless hair! In our minds, we feel that's the most envied fashion trend ever, and it can't be bought! or can it? lol Botox anyone?

PS: We are also giving a shout-out to Emanuelle's assistant, the effervescent Geraldine Saglio, who'se style does not fall far from the bosse's tree.



(images courtesy of: ifyouweretherebeware.blogspot, fashiontoast, martiriosway.blogspot, beaute10, edith-wharton.blogspot)

1 comment:

  1. Emmanuelle Alt, i now just refer to her as The Love of My Life. I think not only the way she styles her self but her work is amazing (to me) as well.
    And Geraldine, the best legs EVER. I think that most be a requirement for working at Paris Vogue. Because they ALL have amazing legs.


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