Friday, April 10, 2009

Its raining jewelry on 34th St.

We had about 2 hours to do a run through 34th St. and do what we call a Supermarket Sweep, just like the show on tv. Basically it means, go around in less than 2 hours and grab as much as we can that catches our eyes and purchase only what we think would work, but we have 2 hours to run around the whole strip, once the time is over, we have to head back home. To us is fun and it limits us from going crazy and buying a lot.  We don't normally like 34th St. for shopping since its always so crowded and the stores are always so disorganized but since it was raining we thought, heck maybe the stores won't be crowded and we will make this one of the fasters sweeps. will.How can we even assume that if we have been New Yorkers forever and we know how the streets are. Going to 34th St. is like shopping on 181 St. in the Heights! Its super crowded, and Dominicans are everywhere trying to grab deals, which is one of our heditary traits. I gotta say our mothers are not even friends but I think in their past lifetimes they were probably like sisters, just as we consider each other sisters....we call each other "Manita" which is short for "Hermanita" which means sister, duh, you guys remember that from Spanish 101...LOL. So today we had the opportunity to go to Bakers, Zara, Aldo, and Forever 21. We bought some jewelry from Aldo and jeans and jewelry from Forever 21. 

Picture 145 
We were on the A train laughing our A$$es off! I don't even remember what caused it, but we covered our faces around the same time..LOL. Manita, we are so alike.

Picture 136 
Gisela looking urban chic with her fly Nikes.

Picture 151 
Gisela and I both purchased a medieval chain necklace that was ultra fabulous for the $12.80 at Forever 21. She is also wearing another multi necklace on top of that one also from Forever 21. 

Picture 159
She loves her new Nikes so much that they have become her everyday staples! They were featured in an earlier posting but we didn't had a close-up of them.

Picture 160 
Gisela wears Levi's Denim Jacket, H&M Leggings, and Nike Sneakers with Louis Vuitton Monogram Poche Toilette Make-up bag used as a clutch.
Maury Wears her Jill Stuart Motorcycle Jacket, DIY Studded Boots, JBrand Black Jeans, Leopard print Pashmina, Jill Stuart Chain bag, and Forever 21 black tee.


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