Friday, March 5, 2010

Studded Jacket & Buckled Boots!

Maury inspired me to post something today after her fab loub post! As Maury mentioned before, we both hit up the last day of the Barney's Warehouse Sale hard! While she scored those amazing Dillan Loubs, I was going nuts for this Neil Barrett studded leather biker! Any of our readers who've been with us since the beginning of our blog, a little over a year ago, will remember this jacket. I first came upon this same jacket in the men's section during the warehouse sale in feb. 2009. Can you believe the same exact jacket was up for sale again! and this time is was even cheaper! It was totally by chance too! I came across it while trying on a pair of shoes in the women's dept. I saw one of the salesperson carrying a stack of clothes in her arms.. she seemed stressed so naturally I went towards her to help her, and then I saw the studs peeking out from the stack!! I said I can help you with that and I grabbed it from her.. her load was significantly lightened for this jacket weighs a ton!


I figured let me wear everything I bought at the sale at once so I don't have to take numerous pics for the blog, lool. So here you will see those killer Zanotti for Balmain booties, which I got for pennies too!! Some girl was trying them on and was about to return them and that's when I stopped her and asked if I could have them and voila! a perfect size 9!  I also purchased this beautiful round perforated leather skirt by Illia for Barney's Coop. I had seen it in a size 10 earlier that day and was bummed it didn't fit, so when Maury pulled out a size 4 from her pile of stuff I was happy! She sweetly let me have it and although its a tad big I managed to wear it pinned up.


So excited about my Balmain Zanotti buckled boots!! I confess I'm a Balmainette and it doesn't bother me one bit. I love what I love!


 Decided to wear the outfit with my most favorite Costume National gathered bustier top and black vintage head wrap.


Here's the studded jacket in Feb.09, exactly 2 months post baby :-)


 Selling a few things on ebay too, check them out!

Proenza Schouler Nero Pumps


Givenchy Studded Sandals


Givenchy Sneaker Booties


Faux Fur  Goat Jacket


Sam Edelman Zoe Boots - Balenciaga Knox


Viktor & Rolf sheepskin boots

 Hope you liked! Maury and I will be posting this weekend to about our trip to the Rodarte Exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt museum tomorrow.

Til then!


Gisela & Maury


  1. Wow, that is a lot of gorgeous finds! I have a crush on your Balmian boots :)

  2. Great leather skirt and booties girl!! You have the most fabulous collection of shoes. I hope they all find loving homes.

  3. you scored some gorgeous stuff Gisela!
    I'm really loving the jacket!

  4. hello gilrd... i am totally in love with the mirrored bed table and i think you have a table aswell... please tell where to find such beauties......
    the leather is hooooot

  5. That jacket is YOU..
    ..and CONGRATS on getting back your pre-pregnancy bod! You are wearing the CN bustier top.

  6. jackets/coats looks beautiful.
    shoes are awesome :)

  7. heyy i relle LOVE fashion..and when i say fashion, i do NOT mean Hollister and A&F, even though some of that stuff can be cute.
    No, when i say fashion, i love mixing patterns, and def vintageee! i love edgy stuff.
    can anyone find me a site that has fashion collages of fashion magazine cut-out pics.. or a site with anything to do with fashion? i dont want a shopping site, i want a site that will inspire me with designs and stuff.

  8. I think both Jacket and Boots are very comfortable and attractive. Looking is so good.

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